Pirates chest hair @ZuckermanCSN

PICTURE: Pirates Fan Sports “Let’s Go Bucs” Chest Hair

His back hair is still a diehard Steelers fan. Continue Reading →
Pirates fan

VIDEO: Not the World’s Most Graceful Pirates Fan

Maybe he will be the only Pirates thing that collapses this year. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Brandon Inge Has Cat Eyes

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So More than 80-Percent of American Sports Fans Think the Pirates Will

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EXCLUSIVE Interview with One of the Pirates Fans Who Cowered in Fear from a Fly Ball

The Pittsburgh Pirates are in the midst of their best season in decades. On Sunday, June 30th, they were trailing the lowly Milwaukee Brewers 1-0 when Pittsburgh first baseman Gaby ... Continue Reading →

Pirates Fans Terrifield of Potential Home Run Ball

They must immediately exit the Pirate bandwagon and never return. Continue Reading →

Neil Walker’s Home Run Snagged by Tarp Man

That guy is on the same diet as Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder. Continue Reading →

The Astros GIF to End All Astros GIFs

It is the Astros GIF that defined a generation. Continue Reading →

The Pittsburgh Pirates Did a “Saturday Night Live” Intro

Gaby Sanchez and Wandy Rodriguez clearly have the gift of comedy. Continue Reading →

Andrew McCutchen Bobblehead Bobblehead GIF

Still smiling after five years on the Pirates. A truly amazing player. Continue Reading →

Pirates Fan Deserves Giant Gold Glove Award

Your browser does not support iframes. Let this be a reminder: People with giant hand deformities can be athletes, too. Continue Reading →

Pirates Selling a Cheddar Bacon Burger with Sprinkle Donut Bun at PNC Park

This almost makes up for a lifetime of losing. Continue Reading →

Sleeping Guy Ready for Another Season of Exciting Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball

He has his alarm set for 81 wins. Continue Reading →

A.J. Burnett’s Rosin Bag Explodes

The Pirates need to stop skimping on rosin bags and pay for major league-quality ones. Continue Reading →

Who has been the best acquisition of the baseball offseason so far?

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20 Years of Pittsburgh Pirates Losing in One Video

It's almost impossible to cut this down to 10 minutes. Continue Reading →

Pirates’ Greatest Season in Years Their Worst Season Ever

The Pittsburgh Pirates are putting the finishing touches on what could be their best season in 20 years and also the worst season in franchise history. Sixteen games over .500 less ... Continue Reading →

Cubs Fan Simulates BJs Behind Home Plate

This was allowed back when BJ Surhoff used to catch. Continue Reading →