20 Ways the World Was Very Different the Last Time the Pittsburgh Pirates Missed the Playoffs

The Pittsburgh Pirates are a postseason regular. But years ago, way back in 2012, this franchise was one of the worst in sports. How much in the world has changed since then? Let’s ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Pirates Create the Worst Double Play Ever

Don’t forget: the Pirates aren’t so far away from 20 consecutive losing seasons. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Rockies Announcers Are Sick of the Rockies Being Terrible

Colorado Rockies: 2011-present … Did I just witness that? Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Pirates Fan Bro Very Excited About Getting a Foul Ball

Getting foul balls is back to being the most exciting part of Pittsburgh Pirates baseball. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Pirates Fan Catches Foul Ball with Bucket of Popcorn

It’s Pittsburgh, so there was probably fries on top of that popcorn, too. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Cubs Season Starts Appropriately with a Fastball to the Crotch

Hit in the crotch with fastballs since 1908. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Joyous Cardinals Fans Invade Pittsburgh Broadcast Wrapping Up Pirates’ Playoff Exit

Who turns down a kiss from the most attractive woman in St. Louis?  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Little Boy Gets a Doctor’s Excuse to Get Out of School for Pirates Game

Risky. That doctor works at the same practice that killed a lot of kids over the past 20 years. Continue Reading →

Flowchart: Who Should You Root for in the 2013 MLB Playoffs?

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PICTURE: Pittsburgh Newborns are Dressed as Pirates

But just 32 months ago, before the Steelers-Packers Super Bowl, Pittsburgh babies looked like this. BANDWAGON BABIES!   – – – – –  Continue Reading →

Pittsburgh Pirates Bandwagon Fan Application

– – – – – Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Pirates Fan Sign Has Accurate Pittsburgh Sports Power Rankings

Whoa. Those ranking are way off. Carnegie Mellon’s debate team is definitely better than the Steelers. Continue Reading →

PICTURE(S): The 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates are Not Afraid of Winning Or of Picking Their Noses

– – – – – (photos via @Tony26Montana) Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Kid Pirates Fan Destroyed by Ground-Rule Double at PNC Park

He’ll be fine. The Pirates are over .500. Continue Reading →

20 Things That Haven’t Changed at All Since the Last Pittsburgh Pirates Winning Season in 1992

The Pittsburgh Pirates have clinched their first winning season since 1992, ending a 20-season losing streak – the longest such streak in major professional sports history. So ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: This ’90s Pirates Theme Song is the Cause of Decades of Losing

This is like Sid Bream’s face put to music. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: The Pirate Parrot is Very Very Excited About the Pirates

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Pittsburgh Pirates

Other MLB Teams Don’t Have the Heart to Tell Pirates They’re Letting Them Win

The red-hot Pittsburgh Pirates have the best record in Major League Baseball and are pulling away from the pack. It’s been a magic, unbelievable season for the long downtrodden ... Continue Reading →