PICTURE: Pirates Fan Sign Has Accurate Pittsburgh Sports Power Rankings

Whoa. Those ranking are way off. Carnegie Mellon’s debate team is definitely better than the Steelers. Continue Reading →

Pitt Fan Very Excited About Touchdown

Don't judge. Pitt fans haven't seen much to cheer about in a while. Continue Reading →

West Virginia Fan is Mean to Pitt

No misspellings? Skeptical that’s from a WVU fan. Continue Reading →

Pitt Kicker Kicks Balls in Trickshot Video

That's some ACC quality kicking. Continue Reading →

Worst College Football Recruit Name Ever

Chris Blewitt’s mom was born Cindy Wideryt. Continue Reading →

A Major Moment in NCAA History Destroyed by the Twitter Hacker

From @Veinti_uno AKA Pitt forward Lamar Patterson … – – – – – Continue Reading →

He’s Just Trying to Find These Women a Rewarding Career

From @Sticky_Ricky26 AKA PITT defensive back Ricky Gary … – – – – – Continue Reading →

Another Male Cheerleader Embarrasses Himself

Now his parents are doubly embarrassed. Continue Reading →

A Helpful Reminder for the Ladies

From @jabaalsheard AKA PITT defensive lineman and 2011 NFL Draft prospect Jabaal Sheard … – – – – – And just look what those hairy nipples forced him ... Continue Reading →

Silent But Angry

From @Csaddler5 AKA PITT kicker returner Cameron Saddler … – – – – – UPDATE: Mr. Saddler accepts his honor with grace. And, who knows, maybe a celebratory ... Continue Reading →

Too Much Information / Size

From PITT kicker @KevinHarper39 to PITT kick returner @Csaddler5 … – – – – – Continue Reading →

After a West Virginia fan hits a Pitt coach with debris, Bob Huggins encourages him to try out for the school’s football team at quarterback.

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SportsPickle: For all your sign making needs

Going to a game? Need a sign to taunt the opposition? Can't think up anything good to write? You're in luck! Just e-mail SportsPickle, provide the name of your target, and ... Continue Reading →

At long last, Dave Wannstedt’s mustache finds a place it feels comfortable.

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