VIDEO: Shannon Brown Fails Miserably in Attempt to Dunk Over 3 People

In Soviet Russia/Latvia, balls dunks YOU. And here is another closer view … but without a horribly forced Yakov Smirnoff joke, unfortunately. Continue Reading →

L.A. Sportscaster Uses Hockey Terms “Phoenix Suns” and “Third Quarter”

He'll be excited when he finds out the Kings won last year's hockeyball trophy. Continue Reading →

Steve Nash Trade to Los Angeles Kings

Well, he is Canadian. Continue Reading →

Steve Nash is the Diarrhea Superhero We Need

The NBA Cares. Continue Reading →

Dan Majerle Catches a Ground-Rule Double

He's had a tough life. Continue Reading →

Dong Sign Featured Prominently on Suns’ Postgame Show

Sports shows will try anything to get female viewers. Continue Reading →

Blake Griffin Stages Personal Dunk Contest in Middle of Game

Chris Paul really earned that second assist. Continue Reading →

Jared Dudley’s Ass Lands on a Fan

Pretty cool to get to meet a pro athlete's ass like that. Continue Reading →

South Dakota: Not Sure About the Gays

Rick Wells will never get a job for one of South Dakotas many pro teams. Continue Reading →

Steve Nash Cares Not for Nicki Minaj’s Lap Dance

He seems like someone who might prefer a lap dance from Karen O. (via Black Sports Online) Continue Reading →

It’s Fun to Throw a Basketball at a Ref

It's smartest to break their whistle so they can't call a foul on you. Continue Reading →

Kid Dunks Himself

Blake Griffin has to dial it back or he would do this on every dunk attempt. Continue Reading →

Arizona officials detain Hedo Turkoglu on suspicion of being an alien

NBA forward Hedo Turkoglu was set to join the Phoenix Suns, but his stay in Arizona may be short after he was detained by state troopers yesterday under suspicion of being an alien. "We ... Continue Reading →