VIDEO: Coyotes Lose Because Goalie Mike Smith Has Puck In His Pants

“Is that a puck in your pants or are you just … yeah, that’s a puck in your pants. We lost.” Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Classy Red Wings Girl Gives Double Fingers to Phoenix Coyotes

Her boy pal doesn’t seem quite as fired up about early regular season hockey. Continue Reading →

Evgeni Malkin Offers Some of His New Contract Money to Paul Bissonnette

Russia best. Russia wealthiest. Continue Reading →

Niklas Backstrom Will Not be Winning the Vezina This Year

Or probably any year. But definitely not this year. Continue Reading →

Coyotes Fan Distracting the Head Coach with Her Massive Cleavage

Melt the ice. It’s time to motorboat. Continue Reading →

Arizona’s One Hockey Fan is a Moron

He doesn’t know any better. He probably just discovered hockey last week. Continue Reading →

America’s Worst Person is a Phoenix Coyotes Fan

Hockey has given her a great outlet to share the contents of her black, empty soul. Continue Reading →

Penalty Shot Misses by a Millimeter

I blame all of my athletic failings on bad ice, too. Continue Reading →

Invisible Ghost Makes Great NHL Save

It must be the ghost of the Atlanta Thrashers. Continue Reading →

Tweet of the Week

From @PaulBizNasty AKA Phoenix Coyotes LW Paul Bissonnette … Continue Reading →

Janet Gretzky Buys Phoenix Coyotes After Miami Covers 4-Point Spread

The Phoenix Coyotes ownership situation was up in the air. On one side, Jim Balsillie wanted to purchase the cash-strapped franchise and move it to Hamilton, Ontario. On the other, ... Continue Reading →