Phillies Vow to Get Some Pitchers Who Can Hit Better

Philadelphia Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. spoke openly today about the weaknesses in his 102-win team that got bounced in the first round of the playoffs by the wild card ... Continue Reading →

Rangers Fans Still Remember Cliff Lee

They probably don’t wish he was back to get rocked in the World Series again. Continue Reading →

The State of Philadelphia Sports

The Sixers mascot is already in the water. Continue Reading →

Flowchart: Who Should You Root for in the MLB Playoffs?

Continue Reading →

Philadelphia Police High-Five Fan Beer Bonger

Philly police are just happy to be somplace where no one is getting murdered. Continue Reading →

Phillies Now Have an Entry in "Worst Fan Song Hall of Fame"

I didn't know it was possible to make a J.Lo song any worse. Continue Reading →

Citizens Bank Park Sand Sculpture

Those fences look to be the same distance as they are at the real stadium. Continue Reading →

Cliff Lee Doesn’t Have Time to Run Out Groundballs

Running out groundballs is for crappy pitchers like Roy Oswalt. Continue Reading →

Cole Hamels is a Pretty Lady

Whatever, haters. That chick can pitch. Continue Reading →

Phillies’ Bat Boy Will Never be Promoted to Bat Man

You never slide while running to first base. Continue Reading →

Cole Hamels’ 1 "Key to the Game" is No. 2

You’re not allowed to put poop on the ball, Cole. Continue Reading →

Roy Oswalt Has a Bulging Dick in His Back

It's about time an athlete comes out. Good for you, Roy. Continue Reading →

"3D" Phillies Sidewalk Art

It’s almost like you can see the Tazer rays coming right at you! Continue Reading →