Phillies’ Bat Boy Will Never be Promoted to Bat Man

You never slide while running to first base. Continue Reading →

Cole Hamels’ 1 "Key to the Game" is No. 2

You’re not allowed to put poop on the ball, Cole. Continue Reading →

Roy Oswalt Has a Bulging Dick in His Back

It's about time an athlete comes out. Good for you, Roy. Continue Reading →

"3D" Phillies Sidewalk Art

It’s almost like you can see the Tazer rays coming right at you! Continue Reading →

Red Sox Fan Fields Grounders Like Bill Buckner

Red Sox fan ole's a foul ball from matt heintz on Vimeo. Forget Buckner. That was worse than Calvin Schiraldi. Continue Reading →

Cliff Lee is the Cy Young of Spitting

I’d still rather be spat upon by Roy Halladay. Continue Reading →

Phillie Phanatic Murdered by a Foul Ball

Done in by a minor league foul. How humiliating. Continue Reading →

Shane Victorino Takes a Throw to the Head

They may have to start recording hit batters for catchers now, too. Continue Reading →

Vancouver Mayor: "We now believe the rioters were visiting Philadelphia fans"

Vancouver's mayor attempted to shift the negative worldwide attention his city has received in the wake of the riots following Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals by blaming Philadelphia ... Continue Reading →

Female Phillies Fan Unsure if Her Armpits Reek

From experiences with Philadelphia fans, I guarantee they stink. Continue Reading →

Phillies Fan Enjoys Wilson Valdez Retiring Rolen and Bruce

Looks like Joe Blanton is out of a job. Continue Reading →

Drunk, Classless Philadelphia Fan: Part 148,922

It's the longest-running show on television. Continue Reading →

Epic Foul Ball Catch

He went to get peanuts, Cracker Jacks and a baseball. Continue Reading →

Phillie Phanatic Man

He was spawned after a drunken night between the Phanatic and a human female Phillies fan. Continue Reading →

Braves Organist Plays "The Office" Them for Ryan Howard

It would be better if the Phillies had a player named Dwight Schrute. Continue Reading →

Trash Can Hobo at Phillies Game

It has good sightlines unless you get nachos in your eyes. Continue Reading →

Neckless Man Loves the Phillies

Weird, because many Philadelphians have large necks covered in chins. Continue Reading →

Phillies Pitching Robot is the Joe Blanton of Robots

When the robots takeover, at least we'll be able to beat them at baseball. Continue Reading →