Hooters Ball Girl is Not in Regular Season Form

This is going to hurt the reputation of blonde Hooters waitresses. Continue Reading →

Jimmy Rollins Terrified By His Negative PECOTA Projection After Nate Silver Aces Presidential Election

Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins told reporters that he is retiring today, having spent most of last night reading Nate Silver's political blog FiveThirtyEight. "My ... Continue Reading →

Cancer Survivor Kid Has Phillies Jokes

Unfortunately, the Phillies lost their fight. Continue Reading →

Drunk and Passed Out Phillies Fan Becomes Public Art

This redeems Philadelphia for everything they’ve ever done. Almost. Continue Reading →

Phillies Horse Fan

He needs to be put down, just like the Phillies. Continue Reading →

Vice President Biden’s Wife Has the Hots for Jimmy Rollins

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Roy Halladay Injury Dooms Phillies to Fielding Team with Just $50.4 Million in Starting Pitching

The Philadelphia Phillies are facing the harsh reality that their season may be lost in light of the news that starting pitcher Roy Halladay is likely out for six to eight weeks due ... Continue Reading →

Cole Hamels Apologizes for Not Hitting Bryce Harper in His Stupid Face

Philadelphia Phillies starter Cole Hamels has admitted that he hit Nationals rookie Bryce Harper on purpose in the first inning Sunday night, and today apologized for the act. "I ... Continue Reading →

Most Philadelphia Shirt Ever is Made Out of Beer Can Tabs

He’s like the world’s douchiest knight. Continue Reading →

The Official Billboard of Philadelphia

Booing any team includes the Sixers. Continue Reading →

Which big-budget MLB team that is off to a bad start has the least cause for concern?

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Depressing Phillies Season Recap Show

This will get big ratings in Philadelphia among the sports fan masochist demographic. Continue Reading →

Ryan Howard on a Scooter

Usually baseball players don’t do this until they go the the American League and become DHs. Continue Reading →