VIDEO: Phillies Fans Hilariously Mock Craig Kimbrel’s Stupid Mound Stance

The fact that this hasn’t been done before should give great shame to all baseball fans. Continue Reading →
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Report: Phillies Unwilling to Budge on Ryan Howard Being Terrible in Trade Talks

The Philadelphia Phillies are looking to deal veteran first baseman Ryan Howard before the trade deadline and have told teams they will eat essentially all of the $50 million-plus remaining ... Continue Reading →
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Phillies Honor 2008 World Series Championship Team for 263rd Consecutive Game

The Philadelphia Phillies honored their 2008 World Series team again last night by playing a lineup that featured Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Carlos Ruiz in a loss to the Giants, ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Cliff Lee Ends Interview with Loud Fart

Nothing captures the 2014 Phillies quite like the smell of feces. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Phillies Fans Shocked by Dan Uggla’s Game-Winning Grand Slam

It’s easy to make fun of Phillies fans, but anyone would be shocked by Dan Uggla just making contact with a baseball.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Kyle Kendrick Takes a Proactive Approach in Trying to Make Balls Go Foul

It clearly went foul. Kendrick’s strategy wins. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Phillies’ Triple-A Team Giving Away Foam Fingers for Prostate Check Awareness

Men would probably be much more willing to get their prostates checked if all that was shoved up there was a foam finger. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Charlie Manuel Popping His Dentures Out in the Middle of a Game

His dentures understandably want to get away from the 2013 Phillies. Continue Reading →
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Guys Who Play the First 8 Innings of Every Game Not Performing to Jonathan Papelbon’s Satisfaction

Jonathan Papelbon, a guy who is paid $13 million a year by the Philadelphia Phillies to pitch just one inning in games in which his teammates have handed him a lead of between one and ... Continue Reading →
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VIDEO: Phillies Fan Takes an Anthony Rendon Home Run in the Face

So maybe it is okay if adults bring gloves to baseball games. It’s better than dying. Continue Reading →

Old Phillies Fan Lady Liberally Applies Sunscreen to Lips

Your browser does not support iframes. The Philadelphia sun in early June can be oppressive-ish. Continue Reading →

Phillies Postgame Show Reporter Felled by Tongue Twat Twister

That's a Freudian twat. Continue Reading →

Drunk Phillies Fan Branded with Hot Spatula (mildly NSFW)

Spatula stamps are the new tramp stamps. Continue Reading →

Ben Revere Loves Philadelphia’s Famous “Cheesecake”

Yeah, more than a couple fans will get on him now. Continue Reading →

Hooters Ball Girl is Not in Regular Season Form

This is going to hurt the reputation of blonde Hooters waitresses. Continue Reading →

Jimmy Rollins Terrified By His Negative PECOTA Projection After Nate Silver Aces Presidential Election

Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins told reporters that he is retiring today, having spent most of last night reading Nate Silver's political blog FiveThirtyEight. "My ... Continue Reading →

Cancer Survivor Kid Has Phillies Jokes

Unfortunately, the Phillies lost their fight. Continue Reading →

Drunk and Passed Out Phillies Fan Becomes Public Art

This redeems Philadelphia for everything they’ve ever done. Almost. Continue Reading →