Pentagon: Philly Fans Seeking to Enrich Uranium

According to senior Pentagon officials, Philadelphia sports fans have begun enriching uranium in hopes of getting it to bomb-quality levels and may be just 3-5 years away building a ... Continue Reading →

A group of Flyers fans who work together at Kinko’s really give it to Montreal goalie Jaroslav Halak.

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Flyers Fan Apologizes for Vandalizing Simon Gagne’s Car

Quebec native Simon Gagne returned to his car after practice yesterday morning to find that the tires were slashed and windows were broken. On the driver's door was spray-painted: ... Continue Reading →

Two Flyers fans wear outfits that protect them from vomit and Tazing.

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9 Terrible Philly Fan Incidents … And Their Harmless Explanations

Philadelphia fans are known as the most obnoxious, violent and disgusting in all of sports. And while they wear this reputation as a badge of honor, they also — oddly — claim ... Continue Reading →

After giving up a sixth goal to the Penguins, Flyers goalie Brian Boucher cheers himself up by changing the music in his helmet to something a bit mor

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