Sidney Crosby is Shown the "The Cowardly Penguin" Newspaper Cover

It's as though he doesn't appreciate the amazing wit that went into that. Continue Reading →

Philly Paper Calls Sidney Crosby "The Cowardly Penguin"

It’s funny because he beat Philadelphia’s best player in a fight. Continue Reading →

The Official Billboard of Philadelphia

Booing any team includes the Sixers. Continue Reading →

NHL Releases the Final Batch of "Because It’s The Cup" Playoff Ads

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Here’s Every Philadelphia Fan Ever

Research shows that the middle finger is their response to all stimuli. Continue Reading →

Jaromir Jagr Really Excited About Getting An Assist

Nah, he wasn't wacking it. He's just itchy from VD. Continue Reading →

Ilya Bryzgalov Knows How the World Works

He thinks about life's issues while the Flyers are on offense. Continue Reading →

The Least Exciting 30 Seconds in Hockey History

Sometimes at a hockey game a boxing match breaks out. In this case, a baseball game broke out. Continue Reading →

Flyers Goalie Ilya Bryzgalov Knows That He Sucks

He is keeping alive the proud history of Flyers goalies. Continue Reading →

Orange and Black Clearance Rack

Jaromir Jagr jerseys will be on sale in exactly one year. Continue Reading →

Vancouver Mayor: "We now believe the rioters were visiting Philadelphia fans"

Vancouver's mayor attempted to shift the negative worldwide attention his city has received in the wake of the riots following Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals by blaming Philadelphia ... Continue Reading →

Drunk, Classless Philadelphia Fan: Part 148,922

It's the longest-running show on television. Continue Reading →

Flyers to Reconsider Strategy of Pulling Goalie for Final 59 Minutes of Playoff Games

"It may be time for us to reconsider our goalie philosophy," says Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren. Holmgren's admission comes after yet another Philadelphia postseason ... Continue Reading →

Chris Pronger Loves Dated Memes

You will never see a Flyers goalie in a "Winning" shirt. Continue Reading →

The Flyers Need to Shoot the Puck Faster

Oh! So close to a game-winning goal. But, no. Bummer. (via @psamp) Continue Reading →

You can’t be a Flyers fan for life if you don’t like fighting

He needs to start watching Tom & Jerry instead of The Wiggles. Continue Reading →

Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger is taunted by Chicago Blackhawks fans, none of whom are writers for Second City.

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After a defeat in Game 4, the Chicago Blackhawk refuses to make eye contact with Stanley Cup curse Marian Hossa.

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