Tashard Choice Gets Michael Vick’s Autograph

He first got in Vick's good graces by losing to him. Continue Reading →

Eagle Fan On Eagle Fan Violence

This is one way to control the population. Continue Reading →

Andy Reid Was Quite Large at 13

Uniform pants size: husky. Continue Reading →

Andy Reid as a 13 Year-Old Punt, Pass & Kick Contestant

Reid burned all of his timeouts in the competition. Continue Reading →

Andy Reid Names Mike Kafka Eagles’ Starting Quarterback

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid announced today that third-string quarterback Mike Kafka, a fourth round pick out of Northwestern, would be the Eagles starter for the remainder ... Continue Reading →

Offensive Linemen Love Latin Dance Fitness Crazes

From @toddherremans AKA Philadelphia Eagles guard Todd Herremans … Continue Reading →

Andy Reid and Les Miles: Comedy Duo

*Scene:* A comedy club [[[chat]]] MC: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, the act you've all been waiting for — longer than you expected; I apologize again for their late arrival ... Continue Reading →

McNabb Fairly Confident He Won’t Have a Bag of Feces Poured on His Face On Return to Philadelphia

Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb isn't sure what kind of reception he'll receive from Eagles fans on his first game back in Philadelphia, but he says he feels ... Continue Reading →

Michael Vick a Changed Man, Says Desperate Eagles Fan

Michael Vick may have once, years ago, been a despicable and cruel human being, but those days are long gone, claim many Eagles fans who are hopeful Vick can rescue their season. "Look, ... Continue Reading →

Oh, I get it. Michael Vick killed dogs.

I guess newspapers have to get headlines anyway they can. Continue Reading →

Andy Reid announces Michael Vick will be named starter around halftime on Sunday

Eagles head coach Andy Reid reiterated Monday that Kevin Kolb will not lose his starting job to injury. "If Kevin Kolb is healthy, he will start for us on Sunday," said ... Continue Reading →

This is how some players get calls.

The Lions have to try anything to win. Continue Reading →

Training Camp Postcard: Philadelphia Eagles

Our reporter spent the day at Philadelphia Eagles training camp in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Here are his notes. > Five players were shot this morning outside of a position meeting ... Continue Reading →

Andy Reid Reports to Training Camp 174 Pounds Overweight

Philadelphia Eagles coaches and players expressed disappointment today after head coach Andy Reid reported to training camp 174 pounds overweight. “I love the guy,” said ... Continue Reading →

Michael Vick not able to attend annual Vick Family Crime Jamboree

Quarterback Michael Vick will not be able to leave Pennsylvania to attend his annual crime festival in Newport News, Virginia, due to travel restrictions placed on him as part of his ... Continue Reading →

Pentagon: Philly Fans Seeking to Enrich Uranium

According to senior Pentagon officials, Philadelphia sports fans have begun enriching uranium in hopes of getting it to bomb-quality levels and may be just 3-5 years away building a ... Continue Reading →

9 Terrible Philly Fan Incidents … And Their Harmless Explanations

Philadelphia fans are known as the most obnoxious, violent and disgusting in all of sports. And while they wear this reputation as a badge of honor, they also — oddly — claim ... Continue Reading →

Eagles Fans Hope McNabb Trade Opens Spot for Ricky Williams

After 11 seasons, five NFC title game appearances and one Super Bowl appearance, the Donovan McNabb era is over in Philadelphia. And for many Eagles fans, the end couldn't have ... Continue Reading →