Michael Vick’s Most Inaccurate Pass Yet

The pass landed in Delaware. Continue Reading →

Michael Vick is a Better Christian Than Tim Tebow

Vick isn’t a Christian. He just has to give the football over to his creditors. Continue Reading →

Andy Reid 2012 Farewell Tour T-Shirt

Don’t fall for it. He’s one of those performers who is always on a supposed farewell tour. Continue Reading →

NBC’s “Today” Show Thinks All Black Quarterbacks Look the Same

Probably the most amazing part of Michael Vick's change is how he now throws with his right arm. Continue Reading →

Fletcher Cox’s Bodyguard Will Destroy You

Someone should draft him as a left tackle. Continue Reading →

The Official Billboard of Philadelphia

Booing any team includes the Sixers. Continue Reading →

LeSean McCoy Appears in Harrisburg, PA, Rap Anthem

It's perhaps the best Harrisburg, PA, rap anthem of 2012. Continue Reading →

The "EAGELS" are the Pride of Philadelphia

A bagel with Eagle meat is an Eagel. Continue Reading →

Little Kid Hates Tom Brady

The youngest generation may turn out to be the greatest generation. Continue Reading →

Desperate Eagles to Supply Their Defensive Players with Pepper Spray

The Philadelphia Eagles entered the season with Super Bowl aspirations. At 4-7, those dreams are all but destroyed. Yet the proud franchise is not ready to go down without a fight. "9-7 ... Continue Reading →

Montana is Vince Young Territory

Uncle Rico must live in Montana now. Continue Reading →

The Face of Eagles Fans

Only now has he given up on Andy Reid? He's a very patient man. Continue Reading →

Vermont Still Has hope for the Eagles

Their brains are clogged with maple syrup. Continue Reading →

Old Man Philadelphia Eagles Fan Rapper

Okay. Now rhyme something with "Asomugha". Continue Reading →

Michael Vick Cares About Cheerleader Safety

We all suffer when pretty things are destroyed. Continue Reading →

LeSean McCoy Attempts a Titty Twister on Andy Reid

He's the Pillsbury Dough Coach. Continue Reading →

The State of Philadelphia Sports

The Sixers mascot is already in the water. Continue Reading →

Andy Reid Acknowledges the Door Would Literally Hit Him in the Ass on the Way Out

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid spoke candidly with reporters today about his team's failures and admitted that he has thought about the likelihood that he will be fired. "Losing ... Continue Reading →