Taylor Swift-Andy Reid Parody

Taylor Swift grew up near Philadelphia, which explains her underlying sadness. Continue Reading →

10,000 Fans Meet at Airport to Greet Eagles’ Team Plane with Rocks

The Philadelphia Eagles' plane returned from Washington, D.C., on Sunday night after a 31-6 loss to the Redskins to find more than 10,000 Eagles fans waiting for the team on the ... Continue Reading →

The Fire Andy Reid Mobile Billboard

They can drive it to San Diego when he gets the Chargers job. Continue Reading →

Michael Vick’s Most Inaccurate Pass Yet

The pass landed in Delaware. Continue Reading →

Michael Vick is a Better Christian Than Tim Tebow

Vick isn’t a Christian. He just has to give the football over to his creditors. Continue Reading →

Andy Reid 2012 Farewell Tour T-Shirt

Don’t fall for it. He’s one of those performers who is always on a supposed farewell tour. Continue Reading →

NBC’s “Today” Show Thinks All Black Quarterbacks Look the Same

Probably the most amazing part of Michael Vick's change is how he now throws with his right arm. Continue Reading →

Fletcher Cox’s Bodyguard Will Destroy You

Someone should draft him as a left tackle. Continue Reading →

The Official Billboard of Philadelphia

Booing any team includes the Sixers. Continue Reading →

LeSean McCoy Appears in Harrisburg, PA, Rap Anthem

It's perhaps the best Harrisburg, PA, rap anthem of 2012. Continue Reading →

The "EAGELS" are the Pride of Philadelphia

A bagel with Eagle meat is an Eagel. Continue Reading →

Little Kid Hates Tom Brady

The youngest generation may turn out to be the greatest generation. Continue Reading →

Desperate Eagles to Supply Their Defensive Players with Pepper Spray

The Philadelphia Eagles entered the season with Super Bowl aspirations. At 4-7, those dreams are all but destroyed. Yet the proud franchise is not ready to go down without a fight. "9-7 ... Continue Reading →

Montana is Vince Young Territory

Uncle Rico must live in Montana now. Continue Reading →

The Face of Eagles Fans

Only now has he given up on Andy Reid? He's a very patient man. Continue Reading →

Vermont Still Has hope for the Eagles

Their brains are clogged with maple syrup. Continue Reading →

Old Man Philadelphia Eagles Fan Rapper

Okay. Now rhyme something with "Asomugha". Continue Reading →

Michael Vick Cares About Cheerleader Safety

We all suffer when pretty things are destroyed. Continue Reading →