Andrew Bynum is Still Experiencing Major Hair Issues

At least his knees aren’t the worst part of his body. Continue Reading →

Sixers Winning Thanks to Good Bowel Movements

Everybody poops, not everybody hoops. Continue Reading →

Andrew Bynum’s Hair is Worse Than His Knees

It’s the worst Sixers thing since Shawn Bradley. Continue Reading →

Spencer Hawes’ Tweets Unable to Sway Presidential Election

Despite months of anti-Obama and pro-Romney tweets, Philadelphia 76ers' backup center Spencer Hawes was unable to swing the election in favor of the Republican candidate. Romney ... Continue Reading →

Philadelphia 76ers’ T-Shirt Cannon

The Pentagon wishes it could shoot t-shirts with this much power. Continue Reading →

Kid Has Preseason Sixers Fever

The regular season will depress him soon enough. Continue Reading →

Sportscaster Loves the 69ers

She is always taken first for pickup games. Continue Reading →

The Celtics-Sixers Series Has Been Hard to Watch

Someone get a cleaning crew out on I-95. Continue Reading →

This is the Face/Gut of Philadelphia Fans

I heard this guy smothered Santa with his gut. Continue Reading →

The Official Billboard of Philadelphia

Booing any team includes the Sixers. Continue Reading →

Philadelphia’s One Sixers Fan Heckles Lebron James

That guy doesn't know how many superstars the Sixers have, nor can he name any of their players. Continue Reading →

New Hampshire is Andre Iguodala Country

The Sixers should go on a barnstorming tour there in actual barns. Continue Reading →

Dance Party at Heat-Sixers Game

It’s not surprising that Chris Bosh dances weird. Continue Reading →

She Began Drinking After Prohibition Was Repealed in 1933

From @thekidet AKA Philadelphia 76ers forward Evan Turner … – – – – – Continue Reading →

The "I Like Turtles" Kid is All Grown Up

From @thekidet AKA Philadelphia 76ers forward Even Turner … – – – – – Continue Reading →

The Philadelphia 76ers’ Desperate Marketing Campaign

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Sixers Draft Picks Understandably Not Happy About Being Sixers

Don’t worry, fellas. The lockout means you won’t be a Sixer for a while. Continue Reading →

Vancouver Mayor: "We now believe the rioters were visiting Philadelphia fans"

Vancouver's mayor attempted to shift the negative worldwide attention his city has received in the wake of the riots following Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals by blaming Philadelphia ... Continue Reading →