VIDEO: Cool Dad Phil Mickelson Says Ryder Cup Eagle Was “So Tight”

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VIDEO: This Phil Mickelson Shot Was the Highlight of the 2013 PGA Championship

FIGJAM becomes FIBDAM. Continue Reading →
Phil Mickelson KPMG

KPMG Hoping to Land Some Sweet New Consulting Clients Off of Phil Mickelson’s British Open Win

Fueled by Phil Mickelson’s dramatic come-from-behind victory at the British Open, the golfer’s hat sponsor is hoping to reel in some new clients. “That was huge for ... Continue Reading →

Phil Mickelson Falls Down, Remains Not an Athlete

His half-inch vertical is still his most amazing unathletic feat. Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods and “Threesome” Still Chuckle-Worthy

Mickelson and Watson are actually more attractive than several of the women Woods was linked to. Continue Reading →
New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox

Phil Mickelson Takes Batting Practice

He looks like Lance Berkman. That’s not a compliment. Continue Reading →

Phil Mickelson is Going to Win the US Open!!! Oh. Nevermind.

Chin up. Still 71 holes to go! Or, maybe 35. Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods Murders Phil Mickelson In Order to be Feared Again

In the midst of the worst slump of his golf career, and with fellow golfers saying he is no longer feared, Tiger Woods took a major step towards intimidating the PGA again by savagely ... Continue Reading →

America Still Confident That Phil Mickelson is a Choker

At times like this I remember what a great country this is. Continue Reading →
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Tiger Woods is Just Trying to Humiliate Himself Now

And Phil Mickelson still doesn’t need to try. Continue Reading →

Phil Mickelson throws up in his mouth a little bit at the U.S. Open after realizing that Tiger Woods is still much better than him.

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Phil Mickelson gets the crowd laughing and applauding at the Masters with his stand-up routine of Tiger Woods sex jokes.

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Phil Mickelson Cockily Celebrates Successful Trip Out of His Driveway

Professional golfer Phil Mickelson drove out of his Rancho Sante Fe, Calif., development this afternoon without incident and then pulled his Cadillac SUV over to celebrate the feat ... Continue Reading →

"See, I spelled out what they’re calling you: FIGJAM. The F stands for … well, you can read it."

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