Peyton Manning Free Agency Tour 2012 T-Shirts Now Available!

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A Fitting Image of Peyton Manning’s Exit from the Colts

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What team will Peyton Manning play for next season?

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Manning, Colts Agree to Part Ways: "A relationship has to be about more than just sex"

After 13 years together, Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts are separating. The official announcement comes after it has been publicly known for months that the Colts are courting ... Continue Reading →

Peyton Manning’s New Meat-Cutting Job

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EXCLUSIVE: Peyton Manning’s CONFIDENTIAL Medical Records

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Indiana is Struggling with the Peyton Manning Strife

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Jim Irsay on Peyton Manning Meeting: "It’s completely normal to have snipers on top of the building"

Colts owner Jim Irsay brushed off charges today that his intent to have snipers positioned in, around and on Lucas Oil Stadium for his upcoming meeting with Peyton Manning suggests ... Continue Reading →

Blue State America Does Not Want to Get Rid of Peyton Manning

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Coming This Summer, "CSI: Manning"

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Peyton Manning Spends All Day on His Swing Set After Being Cleared to Play

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning spent all day playing yesterday after getting the all-clear from doctors that his injured neck has healed. "Anyone who knows Peyton ... Continue Reading →

Eli-Peyton Noogie Tattoo

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Colts Continue Overhaul as Peyton Manning Has Team Owner Jim Irsay Brutally Murdered

The Indianapolis Colts continued their dramatic overhaul today as Peyton Manning had Jim Irsay brutally murdered. The team owner's head was placed on a spike outside the Colts' ... Continue Reading →

Large, Peyton Manning Look-Alike Attempts World Record for Vienna Sausage Eating

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Tony Dungy to Counsel Peyton Manning’s Troubled Neck

Former Colts head coach Tony Dungy says he has been meeting with and counseling Peyton Manning's neck in recent days in hopes of getting the neck back on the straight and narrow. "There ... Continue Reading →
NFL: Preseason-Washington Redskins at Indianapolis Colts

Peyton, Archie Manning Convince Roger Goodell to Adopt "No Hitting or Touching of Necks Rule"

Effective immediately, any NFL defensive player who hits or touches a quarterback's neck will be immediately ejected from play and suspended for 6 games. NFL commissioner Roger ... Continue Reading →

"Football Cops" Starring Peyton and Eli Manning

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A Very Manning Family Christmas

Scene: The living room of the Manning Family home in New Orleans, Christmas morning. The Manning Family is gathered around the Christmas tree. [[[chat]]]Eli: Gee, thanks for my Sponge ... Continue Reading →