Peyton Manning vows to return “more disappointing than ever” in 2015

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning informed team vice president John Elway this week that he intends to return for an 18th NFL season in 2015 and, according to friends and associates ... Continue Reading →

Peyton Manning Asks to be Buried with Products from All of His Favorite Brands

With Peyton Manning’s football career, and therefore life, essentially over, the longtime NFL quarterback and corporate spokesman has made some final requests for his death and ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Peyton Manning Cares Not for Brock Osweiler’s Desire to Play in an NFL Game

You don’t become a delivery pizza titan without being a dick. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Peyton Manning’s New Audible Call is “ROMO!” … and He Tells His Fans to “SHUT THE F – UP!”

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VIDEO: Broncos Receivers Play Keep-Away with Peyton Manning’s Record-Setting TD Ball

Peyton Manning truly does have awesome receivers. Continue Reading →

NFL Asks Peyton Manning to Keep Hidden for a Few Months Whatever Horrible Crimes He’s Doing

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent a letter to Peyton Manning today, asking the Broncos quarterback to do “whatever is in your power to continue covering up various crimes you ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Peyton Manning Dancing to “Rocky Top” and/or Having a Seizure

Looks like Peyton audibled from dancing to seizure early on. Continue Reading →

Scouts Skeptical Broncos’ Free Agency Additions Enough to Help Them Defeat Peyton Manning in the Playoffs

The Denver Broncos have been the most active team so far early in NFL free agency, signing free agent cornerback Aqib Talib to a six-year, $57 million deal. The Broncos also agreed ... Continue Reading →

Meanwhile, on ESPN, the ELITE Quarterback Debate Rages On

  The E in ESPN stands for ELITE. Continue Reading →
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Peyton Manning: “I am content with my legacy as an accomplished commercial pitchman”

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning expressed disappointment over his performance in Super Bowl XLVIII today, but said he doesn’t believe the game will impact his legacy. “What ... Continue Reading →

Father-Son Texting Between Peyton and Archie Manning Not as Sweet as Shaun Phillips’ Texts

Denver Broncos defensive end Shaun Phillips shared the following text exchange with his young son following Denver’s blowout defeat in Super Bowl XLVIII:   Continue Reading →
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Peyton Manning Suggests Introducing Game Film Into Bedroom To Spice Things Up

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning shared a rare candid moment at a Super Bowl XLVIII media event yesterday when he was asked how he has kept his 12-year marriage fresh with ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Denver Airport Puts “Omaha!” on Its Arrivals/Departures Board

  And Oklahoma City is probably on there just to taunt Seattle sports fans.  Continue Reading →

Eli Manning’s Tips to Big Brother Peyton for Playing in the Super Bowl in New York

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10 Reasons Peyton Manning is a THUG

1. He Doesn’t Respect Authority Manning thinks he is above his coaches. He always has, too. Watch him at the line of scrimmage. After getting the play call from his offensive ... Continue Reading →

15 Patriots-Broncos Storylines That Refreshingly Aren’t Brady vs. Manning

1. How has the career of Wes Welker been shaped by playing with Brady and Manning? 2. How might have Bill Belichick’s tenure in New England gone without Brady? Would John Fox ... Continue Reading →
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Broncos Acquire Eli Manning to Start at QB in AFC Title Game Against Patriots

The Denver Broncos announced today that they have acquired Eli Manning from the New York Giants and will start him at quarterback Sunday in the AFC Championship Game against the New ... Continue Reading →

Peyton Manning Currently Overthinking Denver’s Upcoming Playoff Game

According to several sources, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is currently overthinking his team’s upcoming playoff game and has been for nearly two weeks. “Peyton ... Continue Reading →