VIDEO: Jeopardy! Contests Not So Smart About Baseball

Even Alex Trebek – a CANADIAN! – laughs at their baseball knowledge. It gets no lower than that. Continue Reading →

Pete Rose Now Doing Awful Local Furniture Store Ads

You almost get the sense he needs money. Continue Reading →

Pete Rose Calf Tattoo

Obviously this guy lost a bet. Continue Reading →

Pete Rose is a Handsome Woman

I bet Rose misses baseball as much as Lilith Fair. (via MockSession) Continue Reading →

The Best Place to Wear a Pete Rose Jersey

There is no greater tribute to the Hit King than wearing his jersey at a sportsbook. Continue Reading →

Pete Rose Still Gambling On Haircuts

Just days after Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig announced he will consider lifting Pete Rose's lifetime ban from the game, new information has emerged that suggests ... Continue Reading →

"Yeah, all the fans are really excited to see me here. Of course, they think I’m Elton John, not Pete Rose. But still, they’re excited nonetheles

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