Former Penn State RB Silas Redd Featured on the Most Ill-Timed Magazine Cover Ever

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Joe Paterno is STILL ALIVE!

Joe Paternoski is a terrible cover name. Continue Reading →

Penn State Fan Compares NCAA Sanctions to 9/11

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Penn State Players Had Surprisingly Positive Reaction to NCAA Punishment

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What do you think about the NCAA’s punishment of Penn State?

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20 Ways Penn State Can Still Sell Their Program to Recruits

*1.* No bowl games for your entire career means you get to spend the holidays with your family! 2. No matter how bad we might get, playing Indiana and Northwestern every year means ... Continue Reading →

Bill O’Brien Planning to Just Show Up at the First Patriots Practice

Penn State head coach Bill O'Brien says he plans to show up at the first day of New England Patriots training camp on July 26th in hopes he can have his old job back. "Obviously, ... Continue Reading →

Paterno Family investigation concludes that “Joe was a child predator-enabling liar”

The family of the late Joe Paterno announced the findings today of its own investigation into the circumstances surrounding Jerry Sandusky's more than 13-year reign of terror ... Continue Reading →

There Was News About Penn State

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Penn State Plane Banner is Not Pro-Joe Paterno

It’s like that plane doesn’t even care about football. Continue Reading →

Penn State Revelations Spurring Other College Programs to Reevaluate Their Secret-Keeping Procedures

With Penn State still reeling from the findings of the Freeh Report as well as the prospect of an NCAA "death penalty" and countless lawsuits on the horizon, college sports ... Continue Reading →

Penn State Announces Plans to Build a Slightly Smaller Joe Paterno Statue

Penn State officials acknowledged today that Joe Paterno's legacy needs a revision in light of the findings in the Freeh Report. In fact, the university's board of trustees ... Continue Reading →

“Release The Tickle Monster” T-Shirt

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