PICTURE: Penn State Took Back Joe Paterno’s Wins by Force

All cults like Penn State football have a para-military wing. Nothing surprising here. Continue Reading →

Oh, No. That Penn State Stuff in the News Again.

According to various news reports and social media things you’ve happened to see in the past couple days, it seems like that all that Penn State stuff is being talked about again. ... Continue Reading →

Application for Penn State Head Football Coach Job

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Penn State to Do Basketball Again This Year

Penn State will have an official university basketball team compete again this year in the NCAA. The news comes after several 6-foot-1 and 6-foot-2 male college students were seen practicing ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Penn State Selling T-Shirt Commemorating 23-17 Week 1 Win Over Mighty Syracuse

Penn Staters, you can order yours here. Act now while supplies last so you can get “bragging about your awesome team!” Continue Reading →

Penn State Nutter Writes Bob Ley About Joe Paterno Faking His Death

He must have read about it on InfoWars.com/NCAAF. Continue Reading →

Illinois Hasn’t Stayed Up on Penn State News Recently

THIS IS AN UNFAIR ATTACK AGAINST JOE PATERNO!!! Or something. Continue Reading →

Penn State Basketball Player Air Balls Free Throw

It's actually one of the best shots in Penn State basketball history. Continue Reading →

Bill O’Brien Calls His Penn State Team a Bunch of F—ers

So a love-hate kind of thing? Continue Reading →

Sandusky and McQueary Together Again at UConn

Just arrest everyone to be safe. Continue Reading →

Bill O’Brien Era Gets Off to Successful Start at Penn State with No Unbelievably Horrific Scandal

Bill O'Brien coached Penn State to a 24-14 loss in his first game as the Nittany Lions' head coach, an outstanding debut as nothing occurred that ruined any lives or made ... Continue Reading →

Franco Harris Still Loves Him Some Joe Paterno

At least he didn’t hang a Louis Freeh effigy out of his luxury box. Continue Reading →

Penn State Fans are Not Fans of the NCAA

A reference to kissing and asses is probably not the way they should go. Continue Reading →

The Joe Paterno Biography Kind of Falls Apart in the First Sentence of the Book Jacket

Well, the author gave it a good effort. Continue Reading →

Former Penn State RB Silas Redd Featured on the Most Ill-Timed Magazine Cover Ever

Pride. Promises. USC. Continue Reading →

Joe Paterno is STILL ALIVE!

Joe Paternoski is a terrible cover name. Continue Reading →

Penn State Fan Compares NCAA Sanctions to 9/11

Mark Wahlberg could have stopped the sanctions. Continue Reading →

Penn State Players Had Surprisingly Positive Reaction to NCAA Punishment

Maybe it was all a conspiracy so they could leave that rural hellscape. Continue Reading →