And Here’s Gilbert Arenas Getting Served Custody and Child Support Papers At Halftime

I’d serve them as part of a pregame speech to really motivate him to pay. Continue Reading →

Gilbert Arenas’ Knee Is Confused

Maybe his knee wonders how it became part of a 6th man. Continue Reading →

Stan Van Gundy is Understandably Sad About Losing to the Grizzlies

There are plenty of videos where Ron Jeremy makes the same face. (via @bubbaprog) Continue Reading →

Hedo Turkoglu is 6’10" and Can’t Dunk

Hey, YOU try to jump more than a foot in the air. Continue Reading →

New Hampshire Hates Gilbert Arenas

You’d think the "Live Free Or Die" state wouldn’t have a problem with guns. Continue Reading →

Dwight Howard Hits His Head on the Backboard

Many people have this problem in Nerf basketball. Continue Reading →

Dwight Howard Gets Baptized

Wade got Lebron and Bosh this offseason, but Howard got Jesus. Continue Reading →

Celtics, Magic, Cavs accept bids to join Western Conference

In the latest move in a wave of conference realignment, league sources are reporting that the NBA’s Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Orlando Magic are poised to accept ... Continue Reading →

Vince Carter Asks If He Can Play With His Warmups On

Orlando Magic guard Vince Carter told head coach Stan Van Gundy that he plans to leave his warmups on for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals. "I don't want to get chilly," ... Continue Reading →

Having tried and failed with other, more traditional options, the Atlanta Hawks resort to the hack-a-Dwight-Howard-in-the-nuts defense.

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The NBA Defensive Player of the Year trophy will leap off its pedestal and murder you in your sleep.

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NBA Defensive Player of the Year: "The f–k you looking at?"

Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic won his second straight NBA defensive player of the year award today, but refused to accept it at a scheduled press conference. "Nah. No thank ... Continue Reading →

Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy celebrates his first erection in 13 years.

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