World’s Crappiest Reporter Observes Implosion of Amway Arena

Walter Cronkite coined "That was cool." Continue Reading →

Dwight Howard’s Profession of Love for Orlando Slightly Undercut by Repeated Wanking Motion

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard today expressed an intense love for the City of Orlando, Magic fans, head coach Stan Van Gundy, his teammates and the entire Magic organization. ... Continue Reading →

Dwight Howard Eats a Cookie Off of His Face

An Orlando Magic center eating cookies? He's the new Shaq! Continue Reading →

Magic Fans Sing for the Return of Dwight Howard

Ooof. Now he's definitely going to leave. Continue Reading →

Are You Not Honored, Latinos?

You see, the "EL" means they like you! Continue Reading →

Drugged Up Kid Doesn’t Want Dwight Howard to Leave the Magic

A Message to Dwight Howard from EPIC—Student Community on Vimeo. He must be the Magic exec who drunk dialed Howard. Continue Reading →

Dwight Howard Dunks on a Giraffe

It probably felt a lot like dunking on Chris Bosh. Continue Reading →

Gilbert Arenas’ Uplifting New Twitter Avatar

This isn’t Bill Cosby’s Twitter avatar. Continue Reading →

Gilbert Arenas’ New Twitter Avatar

I am having confusing feelings. Continue Reading →

Gilbert Arenas Goes Planking at a Cake Store

Mmmmm. Delicious planking. Continue Reading →

Gilbert Arenas LiveTweets a Blind Date

From @agentzeroshow AKA Orlando Magic guard Gilbert Arenas … - – – – - Would the two find love? READ ON!!! Continue Reading →

J.J. Redick Sucks At Defense Again

J.J. Redick has not ankles left. Continue Reading →

J.J. Redick Has His Ankles Broken

Redick's poetry of this: "Can't play D / Almost blew out my knee." Continue Reading →