VIDEO: Bad British Commentary of College Football National Championship Game

Sounds like the sport could really takeoff overseas. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Stanford Fan Makes Great Anti-Oregon Sign

Creating clever signs is where a quality education really pays off. Continue Reading →

Trash Cans at Oregon’s Football Facility Now Feature Discarded Beavers

Which is strange because lots of football players talk about getting beaver all the time. Continue Reading →

Oregon Ducks VW Bug Car

Unfortunately, the car catches fire if it travels near the BCS title game. Continue Reading →

World’s Weakest Pitcher Lobs Glove to First Base

Oregon baseball needs a better weight program. Continue Reading →

Oregon Tree > Stanford Tree

It’s either the Oregon logo or a tree vagina. Ask a botanist. Continue Reading →
NCAA Football: Oregon at Arizona State

Chip Kelly Unsubscribes from Monster.com After It Keeps Sending Him Cleveland Browns Job Opportunities

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly said today that he he cancelled his Monster.com account and marked their e-mails as spam after receiving repeated notices about interview opportunities ... Continue Reading →

Chip Kelly Reportedly Not Disclosing to NFL Teams That His Offense Won’t Work in the NFL

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly is perhaps the hottest name on the market as seven NFL teams look to fill their coaching vacancies. The architect of Oregon's high-powered spread ... Continue Reading →

Oregon, U Mad?

Wyoming doesn’t know what sports are. Continue Reading →

BCS Cake of Failure

At least they can eat it all to justify their destroyed dreams. Continue Reading →

Alabama Fans Celebrating Oregon’s Loss

They have flatscreen technology in Alabama? Huh. Continue Reading →

Oregon Fans Mean to Washington Fans

And attractive girls often do the duck face. So Oregon > Washington. Obvious. Continue Reading →

Oregon Duck: Gangnam Style

Easily one of the best duck-based Gangnam Style parody videos ever. Continue Reading →

Chip Kelly Was Fairly Close to Taking the Buccaneers Job

Luckily no one would have seen the wrong cover because no one reads newspapers. Continue Reading →

Oregon Fan Questions the Value of an Arizona State Education

Whereas Oregon fans know what herpes is, because they were diagnosed with it. Continue Reading →

Oregon Coach Chip Kelly Cares Not for Oregon Fans

That's pretty tough for a man in a visor. Continue Reading →

Suggested "College GameDay" Signs of the Week: Arizona State vs. Oregon

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Suggested College GameDay Signs of the Week: Oregon vs. LSU

ESPN's College GameDay is at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Tex., this week for Oregon vs. LSU. – – – – – Continue Reading →