PICTURE: Oklahoma, Where “YOU’RE” Degree is Within Reach!

You’re degree is within reach at Oklahoma, it just won’t be a degree in English. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Female Bama Fan Goes After Oklahoma Fans with Flying Attack from Above

Have to love that Southern charm.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Oklahoma State Cheerleader Tries to Trip Oklahoma Player

Mike Tomlin works Saturdays as an Oklahoma State cheerleader. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Oklahoma Fan Runs on the Field and Meets His Demise

Looks like Brian Bosworth is working these days as a security guard. Continue Reading →

Barry Switzer Shows Up at Oklahoma Spring Practice as Barry Switzer

Wait until Oregon designs all-fur uniforms. Continue Reading →

The AT&T “Hello” Commercial: Now with Johnny Manziel

Bob Stoops is a bad sport. Continue Reading →

Ref Falling Over is the Highlight of the Cotton Bowl

Perhaps he was just floored by the greatness of Johnny Football. Continue Reading →

Oklahoma WR Kenny Stills is a Handsome Woman

It’s no less embarrassing than getting destroyed in a BCS bowl. Continue Reading →

You Haven’t Stormed a Field Until You’ve Stormed a Field on Crutches

I'm sure everyone was very careful around her. Mobs are always polite. Continue Reading →

Tender Moment on the Oklahoma Sidelines

The player-coach relationship is a personal one. Continue Reading →

Suggested "College GameDay" Signs of the Week: Oklahoma vs. Texas

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Suggested College GameDay Signs of the Week: Oklahoma vs. Florida State

ESPN's College GameDay is in Tallahassee, Fla., for Oklahoma vs. Florida State. – – – – – Continue Reading →

Which undefeated college football team will be the next to lose?

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These Refs Are Belligerent

I realize they’re in a position of power, but they shouldn’t be allowed to talk to us like that. Continue Reading →

Photo Scouting Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

The NFL Draft is almost here. While scouts will break down every little thing about each player — how fast he runs, how high he jumps, how he conducts himself in an interview — ... Continue Reading →