It’s NBA Finals BINGO!

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Cleveland Always Votes Itself “Most Miserable”

They will not let Seattle come along and steal the soul-crushing misery Cleveland is famous for. Continue Reading →

Official NBA Analyst/Expert Game Worksheet

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Honest NBA Finals Promotional Slogans

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America’s Wang is Inflamed

Penicillin is not clutch. Continue Reading →

Washington Newspaper is Delightfully Smarmy About OKC Thunder

Their original headline was F–K DAVID STERN. Continue Reading →

Oklahoma City Thunder Still Not Wildly Popular in Seattle

Someone doesn’t care to Thunder Up. Continue Reading →

Turns Out New England Residents are Even Dumber than Floridians

Now they move on to the next round where Ohio waits. Continue Reading →

Thunder Announce Kevin Durant Will Miss NBA Finals Due to Hugging-Related Injury

The Oklahoma City Thunder's dream season looks to be all but over before the team was even able to take the court for the NBA Finals. Thunder general manager Sam Presti announced ... Continue Reading →

Portland Trail Blazers Fans Should Have Honked Twice

All of the honking actually blew out Greg Oden’s eardrums. Continue Reading →

James Harden’s Inevitable Evolution

He’ll never play in away games unless he is medicated before the flight. Continue Reading →

NBA History Made with Double Flop

Manu Ginobili's flop disease is contagious. AHHHH! Run for your lives! Continue Reading →

Which NBA Conference Finals team do you think has the worst shot at winning the NBA Finals?

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James Harden Cake

Metta World Peace wants to eat that. Continue Reading →

Report: Thunder to be Broken Up if they Don’t Win a Title This Year or Next Year or the Year After That or the Year After That

The Oklahoma City Thunder face added pressure in their bid for an NBA championship thanks to a report that general manager Sam Presti would consider breaking the team up. "They ... Continue Reading →

Matt Barnes and Russell Westbrook Have a Special Moment

Even in competition there is time for love. Continue Reading →

Pau Gasol Gives Very Friendly Hugs

That is an awesome Spanish custom. Continue Reading →

Thunder Players Wear Color-Coordinated Uniforms in Support of Their Fans

Oklahoma City Thunder players took the court on Wednesday night dressed in matching white uniforms with blue trim in a "white out" to show support and solidarity with their ... Continue Reading →