Russell Westbrook Throws Up Half-Court Shot Because Whatever

At least he probably caught the defense by surprise. Continue Reading →

Oklahoma: The Nut-Punching State

Welcome to Oklahoma. Wear a cup. Continue Reading →

Russell Westbrook Doesn’t Seem to Like Craig Sager Very Much

You think he'd respect someone with equally awful fashion sense. Continue Reading →

Russell Westbrook Goaltends Rocky the Mascot

Never mess with an animal with foam teeth. Continue Reading →

World’s Worst Father Attends NBA Game

“Your mom loves this, girls.” Continue Reading →

Wade Boggs Dancing at an Oklahoma City Thunder Game

He has dance hits. Continue Reading →

Kevin Durant Unleashes an All-Time Greatest Missed Dunk

I want to get a really small poster of that. Continue Reading →

Hasheem Thabeet Does Hasheem Thabeet Thing

He's still in the NBA apparently, so that's one positive thing he has going for him. Continue Reading →

Oklahoma City Thunder Run a Very Complex Offense

Options 1-5: Kevin. Continue Reading →

James Harden Has Ankles Broken by a Nigerian Basketball Player

In his defense, he might be diving. Continue Reading →

USA Basketball Riding Segways, Y’all!

It’s decided. The 1992 Dream Team was better. Continue Reading →

Oklahoma City Thunder: The Car

The James Harden section got a bit dented up. Continue Reading →

Cleveland Weatherman Unhappy with LeBron James Winning a Title

Can't wait for the NBA expansion teams Seattle Fog and St. Louis Humidity. Continue Reading →

Kevin Durant’s Mom: “He’s dead to me if he doesn’t win a ring”

Kevin Durant's mother sounded off today on the NBA Finals and the deficit her son's team is facing against the Miami Heat. "I don't want a loser for a son," ... Continue Reading →

James Harden Pineapple Head

Beards! Continue Reading →

Spotted: The Two Biggest Thunder Fans

They bounce for joy. Continue Reading →

Sad Pat Riley and Alonzo Mourning

The force is strong in Kevin Durant. Continue Reading →

NBA Players Admit Fear Their Window of Opportunity Has Closed Barring Kevin Durant Playing Minor League Baseball

Young NBA stars from LeBron James to Blake Griffin admit concern that NBA titles are Kevin Durant's for the taking for the next decade or more. "He's so good, so clutch ... Continue Reading →