PICTURE: Washington and Oklahoma Have Different Opinions of David Stern’s Tenure

Apparently there aren’t enough Sacramento Kings fans to sway California’s vote.  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: If LeBron and Kevin Durant Switched Bodies

Bizarro LeBron probably can’t bench even 150 pounds. Continue Reading →

15 Kevin Durant Nicknames Kevin “KD” Durant Might Approve Of

1. KD  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Kevin Durant is Primarily Awesome Because He Hates Justin Bieber

The being good at basketball and being charitable stuff is good, too. Sure. But hating Justin Bieber is what makes him a superstar. Continue Reading →

Do we now have to call Kevin Durant a choker and a loser?

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Another Oklahoma City Thunder Fan Traumatizes Us by Singing

Put your shirt on, Oklahoma. Continue Reading →

Russell Westbrook Selects Stylish Speedo and Monocle Combo for Postgame Press Conference

Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook says he has settled on outfit for his next postgame press conference, a matching Speedo and lensless monocle purchased from one of Oklahoma City's ... Continue Reading →

Shirtless Man Records Awful Oklahoma City Thunder Song

Send them back to Seattle now, please. Continue Reading →

J.J. Barea is a Weird Little Man

Let's see that play drawn up on the wipe board. Continue Reading →

Vince Carter Has Old Man Broken Ankles

He used to be known more for going up than for falling down. Continue Reading →

Russell Westbrook Throws Up Half-Court Shot Because Whatever

At least he probably caught the defense by surprise. Continue Reading →

Oklahoma: The Nut-Punching State

Welcome to Oklahoma. Wear a cup. Continue Reading →

Russell Westbrook Doesn’t Seem to Like Craig Sager Very Much

You think he'd respect someone with equally awful fashion sense. Continue Reading →