THE Ohio State Does Not Have an Irony Major

I can’t wait for their tattoo auction. Continue Reading →

Jim Tressel Is Not Wildly Photogenic

He respects photographers as much as he does NCAA rules. Continue Reading →

Jim Tressel’s Leadership Through History

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Script Ohio Begets Asterisk Ohio

I might get an Asterisk Ohio tattoo. Continue Reading →

Ohio State Fan Builds Ohio Stadium Out of Legos

Next he will construct a girlfriend out of his imagination. Continue Reading →

TCU’s New Billboard in Columbus, Ohio

They might not be the best college football team, but they are the funniest. Continue Reading →
Terrelle Pryor

Ohio State Vows 10-Percent of Terrelle Pryor’s Future Collegiate Earnings Will Go to Charity

Ohio State moved to tamp down the growing controversy over cash, goods and services that star quarterback Terrelle Pryor and other Buckeyes have received, promising that all of the ... Continue Reading →

Which undefeated college football team will be the next to lose?

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An interview with the greatest mascot of all-time

http://onegreatseason.com/home/2010/9/20/ou-mascot-planned-brutus-attack-last-year.html The Ohio Univesity mascot is a dropout who wants to be a deckhand. That's right. Continue Reading →

Tweet of the Week

From @dcarter9osu AKA THE Ohio State wide receiver Duron Carter and @JNEW55 AKA THE Ohio State defensive end Jonathan Newsome … dcarter9osuthis nigga dominic don flooded the whole ... Continue Reading →

"You know what the main job of a cheerleader was back in the day, don’t you? Oh, yeah. You know it."

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Terrelle Pryor Murders

Embattled Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor got a new round of criticism today when he committed a murder near campus. "Everyone kills people,murderspeople, steals from you, ... Continue Reading →

6 Days To College Football: Terrelle Pryor

There are only a few days left until the first Saturday of the college football season and SportsPickle is counting down the top stories of 2009. Today: No. 6, Terrelle Pryor. Continue Reading →