Ohio State Football Coach Rips Kicker for Taking a Water Break

This guy would kill everyone at spring training. Continue Reading →

EXCLUSIVE Interview with the Turtle Who Bit Woody Hayes in the Penis

Ohio State's Urban Meyer told a story about Woody Hayes over the weekend at an Ohio coaching convention. According to Meyer, in 1986 a retired Hayes attempted to teach Ohio State ... Continue Reading →

Ohio State Football Celebrates Season of Undefeated Banning

Come out and get your tattoo signed by the players! Continue Reading →

Ohio State Band Performs Halftime Show About the End of the World

A bit dramatic. Big Ten football is bad, but not apocalypse bad. Continue Reading →

Cleveland Browns/Ohio State Fan Dunks Head in Bucket of Urine for $449

It's one of the most exciting moments in Cleveland Browns football history. Continue Reading →

Ohio State Band Does Video Game-Inspired Performance

Too bad no one in college knows what any of those games are. Continue Reading →

Suggested “College GameDay” Signs of the Week: Ohio State at Michigan State

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Ohio State Beast

That’s what the rest of the country thinks everyone in Ohio looks like. Continue Reading →

Red Hot Chili Peppers Sing “The Victors” at Ohio State

A murder is a pretty rock'n'roll way to end a concert. Continue Reading →

Michigan Recruit Sets Ohio State Recruiting Letter on Fire

Good thing they didn’t e-mail him. He’d be out a computer. Continue Reading →

Ohio State Basketball Players Make Crap Baseball Players

Don't ever ask them to throw a floor-length pass. Continue Reading →

Famous Final Four School Alums Make Their NCAA Picks

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Which Final Four team do you least want to win the NCAA Tournament?

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