PICTURE: Raiders Fan Scalp Tattoo

It’s the tattoo that says: “Hi! I’m a loser in more than one way!” Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Raiders Celebrate Sack 13 Yards Behind the Line of Scrimmage

Even in victory, the Raiders remain the Raiders. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Darnell Dockett Taunts Raiders Fans with “0-6” Sign

At least Dockett added a smiley face to the sign to show the good-natured Raiders fans that it was all in good fun. Continue Reading →

Oakland Raiders Head Coach Application

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Royal Air Force Vows to Shoot Raiders and Dolphins Out of the Sky if They Enter British Airspace

The Chief Commander of the Royal Air Force vowed today that the team planes of the Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins will be shot out of the sky if they attempt to enter British airspace ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Ed Hochuli Announces the “Los Angeles” Raiders Won the Toss

No doubt the rabid Los Angeles sports fans would support even a horrible team like the Raiders. Continue Reading →

Matt Schaub Wowing Raider Teammates With Tales of 2012 Wildcard Win Over Bengals

New Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Schaub has found it easy to establish his credibility in the team’s locker room, armed with the tale of his magical 19-13 win over the Cincinnati ... Continue Reading →
Ray Guy bloguin

Hall of Famer Ray Guy Hoping to be an Inspiration for All the Young Punters Out There

“It’s tough growing up in this country as a punter,” said Ray Guy. “Lots of kids will make fun of you. Bully you. ‘Hey, punter. Why don’t you go ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Raiders Fan Sign Tells Raiders Coach Dennis Allen “YOUR FIRED”

And your a moran. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: New Raiders Mascot is the Worst Thing

It’s hard to make something even worse than the Raiders. But they pulled it off. Continue Reading →

Hilariously Positive News Stories About NFL Draft Picks Who Turned Out to be Busts

2006: "Perfect storm of events" blesses Arizona with Matt Leinart Continue Reading →

Desmond Bryant of the Oakland Raiders Takes a Good Mug Shot

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JaMarcus Russell News: Brought to You by KFC

All JaMarcus Russell news is sponsored by food or cough syrup. Continue Reading →

John Madden is Really Excited by Raiders Football

He’s reading the the latest issue of Turducken Monthly. Continue Reading →

The Coolest Features of 8 NFL Stadiums

Cowboys Stadium Continue Reading →

Norv Turner’s 2011 Was Bad Even for Him

Only the Chargers were dumb enough to keep him for 2012. Continue Reading →

Raiders Fans Not Thought of as Nice People

It’s odd. They dress so nicely. Continue Reading →

Raiders’ Pass Defense Needs Some Work

It’s not a streaker. It’s an eligible receiver. Continue Reading →