Alabama Fan Arrested for the Poisoning of Pope Benedict XVI

Agents from Interpol and the FBI were assisted by Tuscaloosa, Ala., police today in apprehending "Skeeter" Ray Fisher, a Tuscaloosa resident and Alabama Crimson Tide fan ... Continue Reading →
Eddie Lacy

Alabama Knocks Off No. 1 Notre Dame in Stunning 42-14 Upset

The Alabama Crimson Tide defeated Notre Dame on Monday night in the BCS title game, somehow routing the No. 1 ranked team in all the land by four touchdowns. "We knew that they ... Continue Reading →

It’s BCS Championship Game BINGO!

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Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o Music Video

How does this song compare to the music of Alabama? Continue Reading →

Who do you think should win the Heisman Trophy?

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Oregon, U Mad?

Wyoming doesn’t know what sports are. Continue Reading →

What are Notre Dame’s chances in the BCS title game?

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Charlie Weis Promises Kansas a National Title Three Years After They Fire Him

Kansas Jayhawks head football coach Charlie Weis promised his 1-10 football team they are just a few years away from being able to compete for a national championship. "I know ... Continue Reading →

Must-Watch Notre Dame Fan Song for All Potential Bandwagoners

Be smart. Understand the people you'll be bandwagoning with. Continue Reading →

Notre Dame Can’t Believe It Took Everyone 20 Years to Realize It’s Still No. 1

Notre Dame will be recognized as the No. 1 college football team in the country by the AP poll this week, the first time the program has seen No. 1 since mid-November of the 1993 season. ... Continue Reading →

Longest Field Goal in Football History

That should be worth at least four points. Continue Reading →

Power Mad NCAA Levels Notre Dame for “Institutional Arrogance”

NCAA president Mark Emmert today used the new, wide-ranging executive powers he established with his Penn State punishment and gutted Notre Dame's athletic department, citing ... Continue Reading →

Hot Action in Florida State-Notre Dame Bowl Game

Pretty sure that gets you thrown out of a Catholic college. Continue Reading →

Naps: The Cheapest Drug on the Market

From @MGolicJR57 AKA Notre Dame center Mike Golic, Jr. … – – – – – Continue Reading →

Suggested College GameDay Signs of the Week: Notre Dame vs. Michigan

ESPN's College GameDay is in Ann Arbor, Mich., for Notre Dame vs. Michigan. – – – – – Continue Reading →

Accurately Named College Teams

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Modern-Day Rudy Would Prefer to Play for Florida

His name is Rudy Rutgower. He is 18-years old, 5-feet tall and he has a dream: to play college football. While he knows he’s too small to be a starter, the scrappy, never-say-die ... Continue Reading →

Charlie Weis Out at Notre Dame as Soon as He Can Fit Through Door Frame of His Office

According to sources inside the Notre Dame football program, head coach Charlie Weis has been informed of his dismissal by athletic director Jack Swarbrick and will leave the job as ... Continue Reading →