VIDEO: Notre Dame RB Tries to Go Through the Gauntlet Machine the Wrong Way, Is Dumb

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Notre Dame Recruit Elijah Hood Hates Alabama and His Plumbing

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Manti Te’o: “My agent says I fell out of the 1st Round because I’m a moron”

Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o says he is disappointed to have not been drafted in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft but thinks he at least understands why. "According to ... Continue Reading →

Everyone Will Love Notre Dame if They Always Let Fat People Play QB

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Bill Raftery Asks Jay Bilas if He’s Ever Been Ridden, Hilariousness Ensues

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Manti Te’o’s Katie Couric Interview: Auto-Tuned

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Manti Te’o Hotel Sign

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Manti Te’o Says He is a Chronic Bedwetter in Attempt to Create Less Embarrassing Narrative About Himself

Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o told Katie Couric in his first on-camera interview since his fake girlfriend hoax was revealed that he is a chronic bedwetter who wears diapers ... Continue Reading →

Manti Te’o Kiss Cam at Cavaliers Game

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The SEC Even Wins at Football Girlfriends

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Te’o Sex Position

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Johnny Manziel is Letting Manti Te’o Borrow Some of His REAL Girlfriends

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Manti Te’o Gets the Taiwanese Animation Treatment

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Donald Trump Gives Credit for the Manti Te’o Story

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Proof Manti Te’o Met His Online Girlfriend

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Notre Dame’s Heralded 2013 Recruiting Class a Hoax: “None of them exist”

Manti Te'o's fake dead girlfriend is not the only hoax rocking the Notre Dame football program today. The program's 2013 recruiting class — currently ranked 3rd ... Continue Reading →

EXCLUSIVE: First Draft of Notre Dame’s Statement on Manti Te’o

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Lou Holtz Says Mean Words to Mark May

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