Linemen Trying to Catch Punts Fail Miserably

Too bad. If they could learn to catch and run fast, they could be kick returners. Continue Reading →

The Most Northwestern Photo Ever

He’s their starting point guard. Continue Reading →

Leader Knees Legend in the Crotch

Legends should start wearing protective cups. Continue Reading →

Football at Wrigley Will Be Brain-Crushing Fun

It’s almost like Wrigley Field wasn’t designed for football. (via Sports By Brooks) Continue Reading →

Indiana and Northwestern placed in 2-team Big Ten Embarrassment Division

The Big Ten announced a division breakdown for the new 12-team league that will begin play in 2012, splitting the historic conference in two. Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Wisconsin, ... Continue Reading →

The parted hair, the hay fever, the pale skin, lack of muscles, and hiked-up shorts. We don’t need to see the school name on the jersey to know this g

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