PICTURE: Rutgers-UNC Graphic Accurately Captures What’s at Stake in Most Bowl Games

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Interlocking NC Logo R

The 10 Easiest Classes for North Carolina Athletes

Term Paper Writing 405 Requirements: Students must write the word “term” on a piece of paper and give it to their professor by the end of the semester. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: UNC’s P.J. Hairston Pranks Teammate Marcus Paige by Hiding in His Locker

That’s a good recruiting pitch for UNC: “Our lockers here are so big that you can fit giant people in them.” Continue Reading →

PICTURE: South Carolina vs. North Carolina a Great “In-State” Rivalry

In fairness, more than half of each state’s name is spelled the same. Continue Reading →

North Carolina Players Play Prank on QB Bryn Renner

That's a terrible defense. Continue Reading →

Lax Nut Shot, Bro

Sux, bro. Continue Reading →

North Carolina is Going to Get Killed in Football This Season

At least they won’t have to play Missouri. Continue Reading →

Which of the No. 1 seeds do you think is the best bet to make it out of the Sweet 16 to the Final Four?

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Which No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament is most likely to get upset?

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Sad UNC Fans

Apparently they’re not impressed by Austin Rivers. Continue Reading →

North Carolina Doesn’t Know Something the Rest of the World Does

Well, this and they also probably still believe that tobacco is good for you. Continue Reading →

Time-Lapse of a Basketball Court Being Built on an Aircraft Carrier

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! Continue Reading →

UNC’s Chancellor Doesn’t Think Highly of Krzyzewskiville Residents

This guy talks trash. He is 4Chancellor. Continue Reading →

How Duke and UNC Fans See Coach K’s American Express Ad

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Accurately Named College Teams

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UNC to Access Emergency Stockpile of HS All-Americans

Following the team's third loss in as many games, the defending national champion North Carolina Tar Heels (12-7) are reportedly prepared to access the program's emergency ... Continue Reading →