VIDEO: St. Louis Blues Score on the Ole Hidden Puck Trick

That goal is a puck hog. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Carolina Hurricanes Fan Knows How to Cheer at a Hockey Game

He sells his blown glass creations at county fairs. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Human-Like Beast Sits Behind Buffalo Sabres Bench

Creepy. Why would anyone be smiling at a Sabres game? Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Patrick Kane Scores Own-Goal from the Length of the Ice

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VIDEO: Ben Scrivens Sedately Interview-Bombs Jarrett Stoll

Goalies are even weird when they videobomb. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Young Hockey Goon Accidentally Checks Himself

This guy will have to practice his dirty hits if he wants to play at the highest level. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: LA Kings Coach Darryl Sutter is Terrifying

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VIDEO: Red Wings Fan Falls Down Like an Idiot

He slipped on ice or an octopus.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: USA Hockey Team Is Not Looking Very Good on Skates

Hopefully their stick skills are a little better.  Continue Reading →

The Funniest Sports Media Moments and Failures of 2013

January Ed Werder opts for Andy Reid fat joke on SportsCenter … - – - – - Minnesota reporter lady gets run over on live TV … - – - – - Lou Holtz ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Coyotes Lose Because Goalie Mike Smith Has Puck In His Pants

“Is that a puck in your pants or are you just … yeah, that’s a puck in your pants. We lost.” Continue Reading →

The Best Sports Faces of 2013

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PICTURE: The Most Festive Hockey Goalie Pads You’ll Ever See

No one will want to hit those cute snowmen with a puck. Better to just shoot the puck into the goal. Continue Reading →