Report: Maple Leafs open to trading Auston Matthews to save him

In an act of love, the front office of the Toronto Maple Leafs reportedly is looking into trading rookie Auston Matthews so he can have a good career and good life away from the Maple ... Continue Reading →
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VIDEO: NYR’s Jesper Fast Wins NHL Dive of the Year

Maybe he’s just learning how to skate. Don’t be so judgmental. Continue Reading →

2015 Minnesota High School Hockey All-Hair Team

Studies show flow peaks at age 18. Continue Reading →

Toronto Maple Leaf Daughters’ Letter Asking for Their Dads to Get Traded

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PICTURE: TSN’s “TradeCentre” Airs Tweet About Joffrey Lupul Banging Dion Phaneuf’s Wife

Maybe they’ll swap wives at the deadline? Continue Reading →
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VIDEO: Alex Ovechkin: Good at Scoring Goals, Bad at Celebrating Goals

For a guy who can’t skate, Alexander Ovechkin is very good at hockey! Continue Reading →

Poll: What Body Part Has Derailed the Most Athlete Careers?

What body part has derailed the most athlete careers? Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Corey Crawford Allows One of the Worst Goals Ever

What’s cooler than cold? Ice cold? What’s softer than soft? That goal. Continue Reading →
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VIDEO: Islanders Fan Recalls Conceiving Her Son in the Nassau Coliseum Parking Lot in ’82

This doesn’t feel like it’s all that original. This is how I imagine most people on Long Island came to be. Continue Reading →

10 Reasons the Eye Test is Better for Evaluating Players Than Analytics

1. “Analytics” didn’t exist in the old days, but we knew that Babe Ruth was great. We knew that Bill Russell was great. We knew that Gordie Howe was great. We knew ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Miss Canada Wins Miss Universe with Hockey Scoreboard Outfit

O, Canada. We are a stere-o-type. Continue Reading →
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PICTURE: Fan Behind Minnesota Wild Bench Greatly Enjoyed the Packers’ Collapse

This is the highlight of the Vikings’ season. And the Wild’s season. Continue Reading →

Report: New Coach to be a Big Improvement Over Old Coach

According to team sources, the coach just hired to replace the old coach while be significantly better at coaching. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Ref Pukes on the Ice During Penguins-Lightning Game

The Penguins strain of mumps apparently includes vomiting. Continue Reading →

The Funniest Athlete Tweets of 2014

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11 Athletes Who Didn’t Die in 2014

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Get Your “Fight Mumps” Hockey T-Shirt!

Mumps are the most terrifying hockey disease of our times! By purchasing this “Fight Pumps” t-shirt, you can show that you are prepared to knock mumps out of the sport of ... Continue Reading →

The Funniest Sports Media Moments and Failures of 2014

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