February’s 10 Funniest Sports Photos

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9 Reasons [Player You Like] Will be the Biggest Star from the NFL Draft

He doesn’t care about numbers Check his stats. Look at his game log. There were certain weeks his numbers were noticeably down. Other weeks they were way up. That should excite any ... Continue Reading →

9 Reasons [Player You Don't Like] Will be the Biggest Bust in NFL Draft History

He’s inconsistent Check his stats. Look at his game log. There were certain weeks his numbers were noticeably down. That’s a big red flag to me, and it should be to any ... Continue Reading →

President Obama Threatens North Korea with Never Getting to Host a Super Bowl

President Obama turned up on the heat on North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un today, saying that if the government’s missile program is not dismantled, and if human rights improvements ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: CNN Thinks All Gay Athletes Look Alike

Why is Jason Collins wearing shoulder pads to play basketball? Seems a bit soft to me. Continue Reading →

Blake Bortles: “I vow to make any team who drafts me regret it”

Former Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles promised today that he will make any team who passes him up in May’s NFL Draft “be so glad that they did.” “Some ... Continue Reading →

Completely Uninformed Hot Takes on the Top 20 Prospects in the 2014 NFL Draft

Johnny Manziel – QB, Texas A&M Definitely some maturity issues with this guy. What kind of grown man goes by the name “Johnny”? NFL teams can build around a John ... Continue Reading →

Flowchart: Who Should be the No. 1 Overall Pick in the Draft?

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Alabama Punter Cody Mandell Runs 40 in No One Cares

Former Alabama Crimson Tide punter Cody Mandell participated in this week’s NFL combine in Indianapolis and put up a 40-yard dash time of no one cares and a vertical jump of what’s ... Continue Reading →
clowney BR

Jadeveon Clowney Wows Scouts by Playing Through Four Concussions in NFL Combine Head Bludgeoning Test

Former South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney demonstrated an ability to play through repeated head trauma today, impressing scouts who feared he might not be willing to sacrifice ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: NFL Network’s Warren Sapp: “There’s something in the steroids” that makes today’s players bigger, faster

He is employed by the NFL. That means this is confirmation of widespread steroids use by the NFL. Continue Reading →

Johnny Manziel Blows an Impressive 0.20 on the NFL Combine Breathalyzer Test

Johnny Manziel wowed NFL scouts today at the draft combine by blowing a 0.20 on the breathalyzer test, crushing the combine record. “It answered a lot of questions about him,” ... Continue Reading →

Ravens Expected to Take Strong Stance Against Ray Rice Punching His Fiancée Since He Averaged Only 3.1 Yards Per Carry This Season

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is facing charges in Atlantic City related to an incident last weekend in which witnesses say he knocked out his fiancée at a casino with an ... Continue Reading →