PICTURE: The Worst Moment in Duke Basketball History, Starring Jason Garrett and Tony Romo

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Nike Signs Johnny Manziel to be the Face of their Child-Sized Shoes and Apparel

Many NFL scouts and teams have concerns about Johnny Manziel’s size. But Nike showed they think he is just the right size this week, signing the former Heisman winner to a multimillion, ... Continue Reading →

10 Possible Ways to Tweak the NFL Extra-Point

1. Keep it the same distance, but teams can only use the kicker for one extra-point try. For the next attempt a team has to use someone else on the roster (likely the punter). For ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: A Large Pack of Rob Ryans Appeared at the Mardi Gras Parade

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Great Moments in Personalized Fan Jerseys

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Cowboys Restructure Tony Romo’s Contract to Make It a Little Less Horrible

The Dallas Cowboys have created significant cap space by restructuring Tony Romo’s hilariously massive $108 million contract, allowing the team to pay other players who are as ... Continue Reading →

New Jersey Unveils Alternate Jersey

New Jersey today unveiled plans for an alternate Jersey, one that will potentially be used on Sundays and for special occasions going forward. “This new alternate Jersey is a ... Continue Reading →

49ers Players Say Mean Jim Harbaugh Makes All the Rules and Yells Sometimes

According to reports, 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh has rubbed some of his players the wrong way and, despite his success with the organization, many in the locker room wouldn’t ... Continue Reading →
on October 19, 2009 in Santa Clarita, California.

If the 2014 Oscar Nominees for “Best Picture” Were About Sports

American Hustle Featuring an ensemble cast of white actors, a scrappy basketball team uses heart, intangibles and teamwork to win a basketball championship over an athletic team that ... Continue Reading →

February’s 10 Funniest Sports Photos

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9 Reasons [Player You Like] Will be the Biggest Star from the NFL Draft

He doesn’t care about numbers Check his stats. Look at his game log. There were certain weeks his numbers were noticeably down. Other weeks they were way up. That should excite any ... Continue Reading →

9 Reasons [Player You Don't Like] Will be the Biggest Bust in NFL Draft History

He’s inconsistent Check his stats. Look at his game log. There were certain weeks his numbers were noticeably down. That’s a big red flag to me, and it should be to any ... Continue Reading →

President Obama Threatens North Korea with Never Getting to Host a Super Bowl

President Obama turned up on the heat on North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un today, saying that if the government’s missile program is not dismantled, and if human rights improvements ... Continue Reading →