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Failed Yankees Starter Mariano Rivera Retiring After Managing to Hold a Roster Spot for 19 Years

Yankees reliever Mariano Rivera is finally calling it a career after miraculously being able to keep a roster spot at the Major League level for 19 years. “Not every player can ... Continue Reading →
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Blue Jays Give Retiring Mariano Rivera the Gift of Eternal Life Through Salvation

Just as every opponent has done this year in this, Mariano Rivera’s final season, the  Toronto Blue Jays presented the retiring Yankees closer with a special gift during pregame ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: A-Rod Poses at Second Base

Paint me like one of your French players. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: World’s Dumbest Boston Fan Thinks A-Rod is a “Looser”

It’s no small feat to be the world’s dumbest Boston Red Sox fan, but he pulled it off Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Alex Rodriguez’s 2012 Children’s Book Was Prophetic

“Out of the ballpark, out of the game, we may never see A-Rod play baseball again.” Continue Reading →
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Report: A-Rod Can Avoid MLB Suspension by Publicly Admitting He’s a Dickhead

According to sources in the front offices of Major League Baseball and the New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez can avoid a suspension similar to the one levied against PEDs user Ryan Braun ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Even Legends Like Mariano Rivera Have to Adjust Their Junk Now and Then

True Yankee. Truly uncomfortable. Continue Reading →

Yankees Announce That Derek Jeter Will Now Depressingly Age Before Our Eyes at the Major League Level

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman announced today that shortstop Derek Jeter will be called up from his rehab assignment tonight to continue his horribly depressing aging ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: NY Post Clearly Happy to Have A-Rod to Kick Around Again

Ha! The Yankees making the playoffs. Good one, NY Post. (via @arainert) Continue Reading →
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Alex Rodriguez Not Sure What He’s Ever Done to Deserve the Scorn of Yankee Management

Injured Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez said today that he is "shocked, disappointed and hurt" that general manager Brian Cashman got angry and used a profanity in reference ... Continue Reading →

Report: Baseball to Punish A-Rod by Making Him Play Baseball in Public

Major League Baseball will seek to suspend Ryan Braun and about 20 other players linked to the Miami clinic Biogenesis that is at the part of the sport's latest performance-enhancing ... Continue Reading →

Yankees and Red Sox are Terrified of Thunder

$200 million is a lot of money to pay a bunch of children. Continue Reading →

Someone Writing a Column That Gives Credit for Yankees’ Surprising Start to Derek Jeter

Someone somewhere is currently working on a column that will credit the New York Yankees' surprising start to the season to the leadership of Derek Jeter. The veteran shortstop ... Continue Reading →

The Coolest Features of 5 MLB Stadiums

Wrigley Field – – – – – Continue Reading →

How hilarious is it that the Yankees are going to suck this year?

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EXCLUSIVE: Brian Cashman’s Ideas for Getting New Good Players on the Yankees

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58 Year-Old Al Roker Looks Like a Toddler in a Yankees Uniform

Let’s hope he didn’t shart the pants. Continue Reading →
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Aging, Injury-Riddled Yankees Possibly on the Cusp of the Most Awesome Yankees Season in Years

The New York Yankees' already suspect roster is losing player after player to injury in spring training, meaning the team will be forced to open the regular season with a greatly ... Continue Reading →