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VIDEO: NYR’s Jesper Fast Wins NHL Dive of the Year

Maybe he’s just learning how to skate. Don’t be so judgmental. Continue Reading →

Henrik Lundqvist to Miss Stanley Cup Final to Seek Treatment for Advil Addiction

The New York Rangers will be forced to play in the first Stanley Cup Final in 20 years without their best player, as star goaltender Henrik Lundqvist shocked teammates and friends today ... Continue Reading →

Kings-Rangers Stanley Cup Promotional Slogans

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VIDEO: Henrik Lundqvist Empties His Water Bottle On Sidney Crosby’s Head

He was just trying to help resurface the ice and Crosby’s head got in the way.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Former Flyer Daniel Carcillo Scores on the Flyers in the Playoffs, Creating the Most Flyers Moment Ever

The last 39 years of the Flyers organization, condensed into six magical seconds. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: New York Rangers Really Knows a Lot About Hockey

The most humiliating picture of Gary Bettman yet. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: New York Rangers Fan Kid Not All That Into the Hockey Happening Right in Front of Him

He’ll watch when the playoffs start. Continue Reading →
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PICTURE: New York Rangers Twitter Has Major Typo

Pretty sure that is considered a slur when used regarding Canadiens. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: LA Kings Goalie Jonathan Quick Scores Goal on LA Kings Goalie Jonathan Quick

He gets a plus-1 and a minus-1 on the same play. Continue Reading →

Alexander Ovechkin’s Controller Was Disconnected on Xbox

That, or he just continues to not give a crap about defense/half the sport of hockey. Continue Reading →

Brayden Schenn Takes a Slash to the Unmentionables

That's a penalty of one minute for each testicle. Continue Reading →

Rangers Head Coach John Tortorella Wants You to Know His Team Sucks

Sucking when it's not the time to suck: The story of the New York Rangers. Continue Reading →

Even Hockey Media Members are Tougher Than Other Athletes

Is hockey reporting too dangerous? Should the commissioner shut it down? Continue Reading →

Tanner Glass and Arron Asham Fight Two Seconds into the Game

That fight had been brewing for a second or more. Continue Reading →

Henrik Lundqvist Interprets the Swedish Chef

Henrik Lundqvist is pronounced Blergin Vlergin. Continue Reading →

“New York Post” Cover Claims New York Doesn’t Date Losers

Mets, Jets, Islanders, Rangers, Knicks, Nets. All great teams. Continue Reading →

Defecating on the Ice Should be a Game Misconduct

Hockey has gotten completely out of control. Continue Reading →

Rangers and Capitals = 9/11 First Responders

Good job making Don Cherry seems like the reasonable person on the broadcast. Continue Reading →