Manning Face: The New Generation

Looks like her poopy may have been intercepted by her diaper. Continue Reading →

Mets Fan Crushed During Johan Santana No-Hitter Celebration

Even when making history the Mets manage to be embarrassing. Continue Reading →

Which MLB team that is off to a surprisingly hot start has the most staying power?

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Jason Bay is Terrible at Baseball

Never put a Canadian on your baseball team. It's Rule 1 of baseball. Continue Reading →

Madoff Victims Awarded Bobby Bonilla to Do Odd Jobs Around Their Houses

Further details emerged today from the settlement reached between New York Mets' owners and the trustee for Bernie Madoff's fraud victims, the most notable revelation being ... Continue Reading →

Just Another Day at Mets Spring Training

If they're lucky, everyone died. Continue Reading →

Desperate Mets to Attempt to Play Winning Baseball in Scheme to Sell Tickets

With a judge determining that New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon must pay as much as $83.3 million — and possibly $303 million more — to a trust recovering money from Bernie ... Continue Reading →

Gary Carter: Greatest Pitcher Ever?

This woman will be remembered as one of the worst reporters of all-time. Continue Reading →

Johan Santana Attacked and Killed Mitch Williams

This kind of thing will really help MLB Network’s offseason ratings. Continue Reading →

"Words With Friends" Knows the Mets are Irrelevant

"Jets" also probably isn’t accepted. Continue Reading →

Banana Phones at a Mets Game

It’s a credit to Mets fans that they still have a sense of humor. Continue Reading →

Mets Fan Asks That You Be Quiet

He says that when restaurant managers ask him to not drink the ranch dressing. Continue Reading →

The Excitement of New York Mets Baseball

It’s more polite than booing Jason Bay. Continue Reading →

11 Year-Old is the Best Mets Play-by-Play Guy Ever

Let's start a petition to get him to replace Joe Buck. Continue Reading →

Mets Security As Inept As the Mets

That drunk fan looks more athletic than most of the players. Continue Reading →

Marlins Announcers Enjoy Laughing At Baby Mets Fan

When he grows up, that baby could be a power-hitting prospect. (via IceSlater) Continue Reading →

METS: My Entire Team Sucks

Looks like the Mets name code has been cracked! Continue Reading →

Even Babies Know the Mets Suck

Brainwashing children is so adorable! Continue Reading →