Super-Cool Knicks Fan, Bro

He feels this game has become whack, yo. Continue Reading →

Knicks Mascot to Direct a Movie

Spike Lee, the short, chubby, bespectacled and excitable mascot who entertains Knicks fans courtside at every game, is planning to direct a movie. "Most people look at a sports ... Continue Reading →

Landry Fields and Iman Shumpert Perform for Knicks Season Ticket Holders

Imam is going to get voted off the show. Continue Reading →

Jeremy Lin and Blake Griffin Steal Food from a Little Kid

Lin apparently doesn't know that all kids fingers are coated in boogers. Continue Reading →

Jeremy Lin’s Underwear for Sale on Ebay

Look at that Linseam. Continue Reading →

Are You the Next Sports Phenom?

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Homeless Guy Loves Jeremy Lin Wordplay

Perhaps the only benefit of being homeless is free time to think of puns. Continue Reading →

CNN is Putting a Little Bit of Pressure on Jeremy Lin

If he doesn’t end racism? BUST! Continue Reading →

A Year Before Linsanity, Jeremy Lin Couldn’t Even Win a Game of "P-I-G"

One day later, the Warriors cut him. No? Well, they should have. Continue Reading →

The Inevitable Jeremy Lin Movie Poster

Oh, has to be an ASIAN actor, right? RACIST. Continue Reading →

"Lin in the End": The Jeremy Lin/Teen Wolf Song

If there's a woman named "Boof" in New York, Jeremy Lin is going to fall in love with her. Continue Reading →

Loose Women Getting in on Jeremy Lin Puns Now, Too

She will wear her best LINgerie for him. Continue Reading →

SNL’s Jeremy Lin Cold Open

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Rundown of Your Jeremy Lin Loss Head-Punlines

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Major Jeremy Lin-Kim Kardashian News!!!

Come back for more coverage of who Jeremy Lin is not dating!!! Continue Reading →

Jeremy Tebow, Tim Lin

He would throw the greatest bounce pass ever. Continue Reading →

Utah is Jeremy Lin Country

They are all MormLins. Continue Reading →

Knicks Front Office Unsure of How They’re Going to Mess This One Up

With "Linsanity" gripping the entire NBA, New York Knicks management has become especially excited. "I honestly don't think it's possible to mess this one ... Continue Reading →