Rex Ryan Gets Tebowed for the First Time

Well, second time if you count when Tebow hilariously beat the Jets. Continue Reading →

New Movie About Jets Quarterbacks

Beware. Halfway through there is a graphic foot sex scene. Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan Posted This Picture in the Jets Locker Room

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50,000 Jets Fans Line the Streets of Manhattan to Give Giants Parade the Finger

A huge crowd filled the streets of Manhattan today as the New York Giants paraded through the city to celebrate their fourth Super Bowl championship. The Giants were met with shouts ... Continue Reading →

The Official Jersey of the 2011 New York Jets

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NY Post Cracks Mark Sanchez’s Quarterbacking Failures

He’s totally hitting that. On about 4 of 10 attempts. Continue Reading →

CBS Reports That Plaxico Burress Didn’t Catch Many Passes in Prison

Prison must have great defensive backs. Continue Reading →

Stevie Johnson Mocks Plaxico Burress’ Gunshot Wound

It's funny because Burress lost 2 years of his life thanks to a mayor making an example of him. Continue Reading →

NO! Alaska Has Turned on Mark Sanchez!

Sanchez has lost Alaska, just like he loses everything else. Continue Reading →

Alaska is Mark Sanchez Country

Apparently they think those with Mexican heritage look like Eskimos. RAYCESS! Continue Reading →

Spike Lee, Shaquille O’Neal and Dustin Pedroia

Shaq is too tall for good lighting. Continue Reading →

Suicidal Jets Fan

It's amazing it took him this many years to reach that point. Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan Mad About Being Worse Than Belichick

Whoa. Do you kiss your mom's feet with that mouth? Continue Reading →

The Face of New York Jets Fans

Suicide on a motherf-ing plane. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Mark Sanchez is Terrified of Contact

Who can blame him. Those cornerbacks hit hard-ish. Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan: The Stylish Years

Damn. He probably got into a lot of ladies’ shoes back then. Continue Reading →

Shonn Greene Kills a Ref

Rex Ryan must have put a bounty on the officials. Continue Reading →

Darrelle Revis and Brandon Marshall Have a Tickle Fight

It’s nice to see two athletes remembers that sports are supposed to be fun. And tickley. Continue Reading →