The Story of Tim Tebow’s Birth

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Rex Ryan Wears Classy T-Shirts

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Tim Tebow, Matt Cavanaugh, Mark Sanchez

New York Jets Getting a Lot of Publicity for a Team That Will Go 7-9

The New York Jets continue to dominate NFL preseason coverage by national media outlets, a curious distinction considering they are a decidedly mediocre team who will do well to simply ... Continue Reading →

Reporter Gets Her Crappy Jets QBs Mixed Up

They should both be called "Backup." Continue Reading →

Miami Heat Pull Within Just One Win of Giving Us Constant New York Jets Coverage

Lebron James and the Miami Heat now stand just one game short of an NBA title, meaning that if Lebron wins a ring, the full attention of the sports media will turn to Tim Tebow and ... Continue Reading →

Homeless Man Has Tim Tebow Zingers

Jesus drank wine with people, Tebow gives wine to the homeless. Not a story. Continue Reading →

Goddam Reason for Rex Ryan’s Weight Loss

Goddam snacks have more calories than regular snacks. Continue Reading →

Someone even more positive than Tim Tebow is running the Jets’ Twitter account

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Elle s'appelait sarah" (2009)

Despondent Tim Tebow Questioning the Existence of God After First Official Day as a New York Jet

Less than 24 hours after participating in his first official workout as a member of the New York Jets, Tim Tebow is reportedly depressed and questioning his entire worldview. "Tim ... Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski Says He Would Make Sweet Love to Tim Tebow

So would America, Rob. This is not news. Continue Reading →

8 Real, Homemade Tim Tebow Items Being Sold on Etsy.com

Item #1: Broncos TEBOW (15) Painted Key Price: $7 Actual product description: "Are you a Tim Tebow fan? Add this key to your key chain and proclaim your support in everyday situations—even ... Continue Reading →
NFL: AUG 14 Preseason - Rams at Jets

Motivated Mark Sanchez Vows to Have His "Least Shitty Season Yet"

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez said today that he welcomes the team's acquisition of Tim Tebow and will use it as fuel to make himself better. "I am confident that at the ... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin and Her Huge Family Loves Tim Tebow

One day he may play for Anchorage’s semi-pro team. Continue Reading →

Tim Tebow Claims to be "Excited" About being a New York Jet

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Flowchart: Which Member of the Jets are You?

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Televangelist Pat Robertson Snitches on God’s Bounty Program

Pat Robertson, the televangelist and host of the syndicated religious show "The 700 Club," revealed yesterday on the air that God openly seeks physical harm against those ... Continue Reading →

New York Post is Hiring Headline Writers for Tim Tebow’s Jets Career

With Linsanity recurring and A-Fraud season starting up, they need to staff up. Continue Reading →

The Tim Tebow Trade Taiwanese Animation

Cartoon Tebow is a missionary in Taiwan. Continue Reading →