Basic Economics Says the Jets Suck

History also says the Jets suck. Really any class does. Continue Reading →

Jets Fans Tell the Jets How Much They Suck Heading Into Halftime

You know, their analysis is actually right on point. Continue Reading →

More Than 12 Jets Players Receive a Gift Basket from a “Mark S.”

Gift baskets were found in front of the lockers of more than 12 Jets players when the team arrived at their Florham Park, NJ, practice facility this morning. Each gift basket had a ... Continue Reading →

How should Tim Tebow respond to the teammates who ripped him anonymously to the media?

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Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow Caught Trying to Start “Tebow” Chant

by Ross Snow Shortly after Jets QB Mark Sanchez turned the ball over for the 2nd time in Sunday’s Jets-Seahawks game, an extremely vocal Jets fan appeared to be attempting to start ... Continue Reading →

Tim Tebow Presidential Write-In Vote

He somehow still lost to Mark Sanchez. Continue Reading →

Tim Tebow’s 10 Best Pickup Lines

Tim Tebow reportedly has a girlfriend – actress Camilla Belle. How did Tebow get a girlfriend? Here are his 10 best pickup lines. - – – – - Hey, girl. Pretend ... Continue Reading →

The Official Photo of New York Jets Fans

RIP Fireman Ed. This is the new face of Jets’ fans. Continue Reading →

“New York Post” Cover Claims New York Doesn’t Date Losers

Mets, Jets, Islanders, Rangers, Knicks, Nets. All great teams. Continue Reading →

Michael Vick is a Better Christian Than Tim Tebow

Vick isn’t a Christian. He just has to give the football over to his creditors. Continue Reading →

CNBC Asks Important Business Question: “Is Tim Tebow still a virgin”

This could impact the stock price of Trojan Condoms. Continue Reading →

Tim Tebow Searching for Good Bible Verse to Share with Mark Sanchez About Dealing with Getting Benched

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow says he has spent much of his free time over the past few weeks reading his Bible in search of a verse about getting benched that he can share with ... Continue Reading →

Make it Stop: Tim Tebow Referenced Regarding Vice Presidential Debate

Let’s just make Tebow president … no, king … already. Continue Reading →