17 Year-Old Girl Turns Down Mark Sanchez’s Request to Take Her to Prom

Kara Grainger, a 17 year-old high school senior from Morristown, NJ, will not be accompanied to prom this year by the New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. "It's just ... Continue Reading →
Rex Ryan, Buddy Ryan, Rob Ryan

Brothers Rex and Rob Ryan to Go Head-to-Head in Tecmo Bowl

As football fans prepare for the "HarBowl" or "Superbaugh" — depending on which nickname you prefer for the Jim Harbaugh vs. John Harbaugh Super Bowl — ... Continue Reading →

New York Jets’ 2012 Lowlights Reel

They gave us a new word, buttfumble, and countless laughs. Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan Names Tim Tebow Offseason Starter at Quarterback

After another horrific start by Mark Sanchez closed out the New York Jets' season at 6-10, Rex Ryan announced in his post-game press conference that second-string quarterback ... Continue Reading →

What All 31 Other NFL Teams Would Give the Jets for Mark Sanchez

Bears: Jay Cutler's locker room ash tray Bengals: Andy Dalton's soul Bills: a sandwich bag full of Ryan Fitzpatrick's shorn beard hair Broncos: two free Papa John's ... Continue Reading →

Mark Sanchez: The Unluckiest Politician Alive

He wants to make turnovers illegal. Continue Reading →

Depressed Mark Sanchez Defaces His Wikipedia Page

Mark Sanchez's NFL career somehow hit an even lower low on Monday night, as he threw four interceptions and fumbled in a horrid performance on Monday Night Football, almost single-handedly ... Continue Reading →

Jets Name Tim Tebow First-String Decoy

The New York Jets today named Tim Tebow first-string decoy, a role they hope will end the quarterback's disappointment over his status on the team and show him his value. "Tim ... Continue Reading →

It’s to Give a Fair Shot to Tim Rex Tebow Grossman

Granted, Rex Grossman has proven to be a failure, but high-level logic is a post-graduate course at Florida. Continue Reading →

One Thing All Americans Agree On: Mark Sanchez is Terrible

His awfulness unites us all. Continue Reading →

The Coolest Features of 8 NFL Stadiums

Cowboys Stadium Continue Reading →

Mark Sanchez ButtFumble Jersey

If he buys a jersey for every classic Jets’ failure, he’ll have no money left. Continue Reading →

Mark Sanchez’s Note-to-Self After Getting Benched

He better not let Tebow see him writing F. Continue Reading →