New York Jets’ 2012 Lowlights Reel

They gave us a new word, buttfumble, and countless laughs. Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan Names Tim Tebow Offseason Starter at Quarterback

After another horrific start by Mark Sanchez closed out the New York Jets' season at 6-10, Rex Ryan announced in his post-game press conference that second-string quarterback ... Continue Reading →

What All 31 Other NFL Teams Would Give the Jets for Mark Sanchez

Bears: Jay Cutler's locker room ash tray Bengals: Andy Dalton's soul Bills: a sandwich bag full of Ryan Fitzpatrick's shorn beard hair Broncos: two free Papa John's ... Continue Reading →

Mark Sanchez: The Unluckiest Politician Alive

He wants to make turnovers illegal. Continue Reading →

Depressed Mark Sanchez Defaces His Wikipedia Page

Mark Sanchez's NFL career somehow hit an even lower low on Monday night, as he threw four interceptions and fumbled in a horrid performance on Monday Night Football, almost single-handedly ... Continue Reading →

Jets Name Tim Tebow First-String Decoy

The New York Jets today named Tim Tebow first-string decoy, a role they hope will end the quarterback's disappointment over his status on the team and show him his value. "Tim ... Continue Reading →

It’s to Give a Fair Shot to Tim Rex Tebow Grossman

Granted, Rex Grossman has proven to be a failure, but high-level logic is a post-graduate course at Florida. Continue Reading →

One Thing All Americans Agree On: Mark Sanchez is Terrible

His awfulness unites us all. Continue Reading →

The Coolest Features of 8 NFL Stadiums

Cowboys Stadium Continue Reading →

Mark Sanchez ButtFumble Jersey

If he buys a jersey for every classic Jets’ failure, he’ll have no money left. Continue Reading →

Mark Sanchez’s Note-to-Self After Getting Benched

He better not let Tebow see him writing F. Continue Reading →

Basic Economics Says the Jets Suck

History also says the Jets suck. Really any class does. Continue Reading →

Jets Fans Tell the Jets How Much They Suck Heading Into Halftime

You know, their analysis is actually right on point. Continue Reading →

More Than 12 Jets Players Receive a Gift Basket from a “Mark S.”

Gift baskets were found in front of the lockers of more than 12 Jets players when the team arrived at their Florham Park, NJ, practice facility this morning. Each gift basket had a ... Continue Reading →

How should Tim Tebow respond to the teammates who ripped him anonymously to the media?

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Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow Caught Trying to Start “Tebow” Chant

by Ross Snow Shortly after Jets QB Mark Sanchez turned the ball over for the 2nd time in Sunday’s Jets-Seahawks game, an extremely vocal Jets fan appeared to be attempting to start ... Continue Reading →

Tim Tebow Presidential Write-In Vote

He somehow still lost to Mark Sanchez. Continue Reading →

Tim Tebow’s 10 Best Pickup Lines

Tim Tebow reportedly has a girlfriend – actress Camilla Belle. How did Tebow get a girlfriend? Here are his 10 best pickup lines. – – – – – Hey, girl. ... Continue Reading →