Rhode Island Thinks the New York Giants Suck

Rhode Island is known for its sports knowledge. Continue Reading →

Eli Manning’s NFL Sunday Ticket Ad Features Prominent Manning Face

They took 1,000 photos and that’s the best one they got. Continue Reading →

Soviet Hammer and Sickle Appears on Football Telestrator

Hmmm … football isn’t an individual sport, but a team sport. COMMUNIST! Continue Reading →

Sarcastic Eli Manning’s “Air Quotes” NFL Preview

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Eli Manning Retires After Finding Third Ring in Cereal Box

Less than seven months after Eli Manning led his New York Giants to their second Super Bowl victory in four years, and just weeks before the 2012 regular season is set to begin, the ... Continue Reading →

Victor Cruz and Eli Manning Have a Chat

Eli appears to have put on some weight. His mom needs to make him healthier food. Continue Reading →

Ben Roethlisberger Is Not Eli Manning

But Ben Roethlisberger would’ve given Eli Manning wedgies as a child. Continue Reading →

Justin Tuck is Now Just a Mask

He’ll miss the season with torn neck muscles. Continue Reading →

EA Sports Used Eli Manning’s Motion Capture from "SNL"

Sandwiching could really catch on with linemen. Continue Reading →

Super Bowl XLVI Cement Fail

Tom Brady poured the cement out and then Wes Welker ruined it. Continue Reading →

New Contender for Dumbest New York Giants Fan

New York Giants Fan 2 Story Fall During Super Bowl Parade from MediaNiche on Vimeo. That guy is almost as dumb as Bill Belichick. Continue Reading →

Let’s All Laugh at the Heartache of Patriots Fans!

It's funny because they thought they were going to win. Continue Reading →

New Hampshire is Andre Iguodala Country

The Sixers should go on a barnstorming tour there in actual barns. Continue Reading →