New Orleans Saints Have Flaming Gas

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The NFL Has Finally Released All of Its Bounty Evidence Against the Saints

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New Orleans Saints Fans Vote "Nay" on Roger Goodell

It’s hard to trust this. Most Louisiana elections are rigged. Continue Reading →

Sean Payton Playing Bongos

He’s hitting them with a stick? There must be a bounty on them. Continue Reading →

Bill Parcells: "I will consider coaching a veteran-laden playoff team for five months in exchange for several million dollars"

Retired NFL coach Bill Parcells is reportedly leaning towards stepping in for Sean Payton in New Orleans for the 2012 season, provided certain conditions are met. "As long as ... Continue Reading →
Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints

Report: Several Saints Players May Still be in the Field and Ready to Strike, Unaware Bounty Program is Over

A disturbing report out of New Orleans today suggests that many New Orleans Saints defensive players may not yet know that the team's bounty program is over and could strike and ... Continue Reading →

Man-Breasted Bobby Hebert Believes There is a Vast Conspiracy Targeting the Saints

The NFL, which launched the investigation, is part of a huge conspiracy against one of its own teams. Got it. Continue Reading →

Gregg Williams’ Side Job as Karate Instructor

He better hope Mr. Miyagi doesn’t work at the league office. Continue Reading →

New Orleans Saints Player Bounty Forms

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How should the NFL punish the Saints over the team’s bounty program?

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The OFFICIAL NFL Wildcard Weekend Drinking Game

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Saint Louis Loves its Saints

Teams that don’t exist lose much less than the Rams. Continue Reading →

The Pope Likes the Saints

He probably believes in burning Reggie Bush. Continue Reading →