Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints

Report: Several Saints Players May Still be in the Field and Ready to Strike, Unaware Bounty Program is Over

A disturbing report out of New Orleans today suggests that many New Orleans Saints defensive players may not yet know that the team's bounty program is over and could strike and ... Continue Reading →

Man-Breasted Bobby Hebert Believes There is a Vast Conspiracy Targeting the Saints

The NFL, which launched the investigation, is part of a huge conspiracy against one of its own teams. Got it. Continue Reading →

Gregg Williams’ Side Job as Karate Instructor

He better hope Mr. Miyagi doesn’t work at the league office. Continue Reading →

New Orleans Saints Player Bounty Forms

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How should the NFL punish the Saints over the team’s bounty program?

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The OFFICIAL NFL Wildcard Weekend Drinking Game

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Saint Louis Loves its Saints

Teams that don’t exist lose much less than the Rams. Continue Reading →

The Pope Likes the Saints

He probably believes in burning Reggie Bush. Continue Reading →

What lower seed has the best shot at winning the Super Bowl?

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Saints Player Has "Family Guy" Head Shrine

What has gone downhill more in recent years: Family Guy or the Seahawks? Continue Reading →

Worthless, Idiotic Kicker WINS THE GAME!!!

New Orleans kicker Garrett Hartley, who everyone on the Saints agrees is most of the time a "totally worthless gaywad," briefly became useful last night in the final seconds ... Continue Reading →

They might not want Reggie Bush’s Heisman back

Reggie Bush may have to give his Heisman back. But will anyone really want it? It's been through a tough five years. Continue Reading →

Training Camp Postcard: New Orleans Saints

Our reporter spent the day at New Orleans training camp in Metairie, Louisiana. Here are his notes. Continue Reading →

Drew Brees tries to use his Super Bowl ring to distract Joba Chamberlain and Chad Gaudin from the fact that he’s wearing a Pampers jersey.

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Madden Cover Jinx Strikes Drew Brees in Form of Massive Oil Spill

For years, Saints quarterback Drew Brees believed the fabled “Madden cover jinx” was a fairy tale dreamed up by superstitious people drawing parallels between unrelated ... Continue Reading →

Drew Brees’ response should have been …

… "I don't know. Who do you have hiding in your pants?" You can't spell "D'oh!" without O. Continue Reading →

Not necessarily.

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Breaking down the Super Bowl viewing audience

More than 106 million people watched the Saints and Colts play in Super Bowl XLIV — the largest audience for a TV program in U.S. history. Who were the people who did — and ... Continue Reading →