VIDEO: A Large Pack of Rob Ryans Appeared at the Mardi Gras Parade

Wherever they’re going will soon run out of beer and chicken wings.  Continue Reading →

The Motivational T-Shirts of the NFL Playoff Teams

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PICTURE: Saints Fan of Your Nightmares

He must have forgotten his ball gag at home. Continue Reading →

Sean Payton Forgot How to Use Binoculars

He think players look much smaller than they used to. Continue Reading →

Superdome Ad Suggests They Should’ve Tried Energy Alternatives for Power

Another possibility would have been capturing the heat energy from Ray Lewis’ bullshit. Continue Reading →

Roger Goodell Accepts Invitation to Speak at a New Orleans Dark Alley “That is totally not a trap”

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was scheduled to speak today at a dark alley near the intersection of Bourbon Street and St. Ann Street in New Orleans' famed French Quarter. "I'm ... Continue Reading →

Saints Fan Achieves Pinnacle of Saints Fandom: Televised Roger Goodell Hating

Love of football and hatred of Roger Goodell unites all fan bases. Continue Reading →

Roger Goodell Sux Jersey

There’s no reason this should be the best-selling jersey in America. Continue Reading →

RIP Baseball

The deciding game of our nation’s pastime is no Saints-Broncos Week 8. Continue Reading →

Best Saints Fan Ever

The back of the shirt with KILL ROGER GOODELL is even better. Continue Reading →

Sean Payton is Rocking the Braces

He put a bounty out on snaggle teeth. Continue Reading →

Lady is Very Happy That the Saints Have Won Two in a Row

Aw, come on, mom. You're embarrassing us. Continue Reading →

Angry, Old Packers Fan Doesn’t Like Saints Fan

He learned that language following Packers players on Twitter. Continue Reading →

New Orleans Saints Have Flaming Gas

You’d think they’d win more with fire shooting out of their butts. Continue Reading →

The NFL Has Finally Released All of Its Bounty Evidence Against the Saints

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New Orleans Saints Fans Vote "Nay" on Roger Goodell

It’s hard to trust this. Most Louisiana elections are rigged. Continue Reading →

Sean Payton Playing Bongos

He’s hitting them with a stick? There must be a bounty on them. Continue Reading →

Bill Parcells: "I will consider coaching a veteran-laden playoff team for five months in exchange for several million dollars"

Retired NFL coach Bill Parcells is reportedly leaning towards stepping in for Sean Payton in New Orleans for the 2012 season, provided certain conditions are met. "As long as ... Continue Reading →