Brian Scalabrine’s NBA Career Highlights

2001: New Jersey Jets president and general manager Rod Thorn selects Scalabrine in the 2nd Round of the NBA Draft on a dare. 2002: Scalabrine keeps his roster spot with the Nets thanks ... Continue Reading →

Nets Roll Out More of Their #HELLOBROOKLYN Ads

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What was the Nets’ greatest era during their 35 years in New Jersey?

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Don’t Text and Watch NBA Games

"SMH. Jus got hit in hed." Continue Reading →

Rajon Rondo Attempts to Join the Nets

Rajon Rondo is clearly insane. Someone get him some psychiatric help. Continue Reading →

Gerald Green Jumps Very, Very High

He should stop. Landing from that high can’t be good for his knees. Continue Reading →

Kris Humphries > Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin isn't talented enough to be a Kardashian. Continue Reading →

The Internet is Mean to Shelden Williams

It’s because most heavy Internet users are very attractive people, so they can’t relate to someone so physically ugly. Continue Reading →

DeShawn Stevenson is the New Sammy Sosa

Everyone on the Nets wants to play in disguise. Continue Reading →

Mikhail Prokhorov is Russia’s Premier Rapper

In his country, beat makes YOU! Continue Reading →

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Ad

There’s at least another 235 in her ass. Continue Reading →

The Humpdashian Breakup: Taiwanese Animation

They should have done the Humpdashian wedding video. Continue Reading →

Flier Posted in Every Pro Sports Locker Room by Kim Kardashian’s People

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Kim Kardashian Delays Honeymoon to Go on a Date with Mark Sanchez

Newlywed Kim Kardashian-Humphries has delayed her honeymoon with her husband, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries, in order to try to strike up a romance with Jets quarterback Mark ... Continue Reading →

Images from the Kris Humphries-Kim Kardashian Courtship

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Nets Fan Very Happy, Weird

If Deron Williams asks to be traded from New Jersey, it's this guy's fault. Continue Reading →

Tweet of the Week

It's a tie! From @VShiancoe AKA Minnesota Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe … – – – Continue Reading →

This will be what Nets games are like now that Prokhorov is in charge

This seems like a fun atmosphere. And also somehow terrifying. (VIDEO) Continue Reading →