VIDEO: Ducks Score Awesome Game-Winning Goal on Ducks

Look at that tic-tac-toe passing. What a team.  Continue Reading →

Martin Brodeur (Sort Of) Scores a Goal

He will not shoot and goaltend during shootouts. Continue Reading →

LA Kings Fan Mocks the Devils and Canucks Via Newspaper Ads

This would have been a much better zing 20 years ago when newspapers were read. Continue Reading →

Steve Bernier’s Wikipedia Page Destruction

Wikipedia editors made him look worse than Rob Scuderi’s face. Continue Reading →

New Jersey Devils Coach Enjoys Beautiful LA Boob Scenery

Coming from New Jersey, he knows a thing or two about giant, fake breasts. Continue Reading →

Ilya Bryzgalov: NHL LOLie

He's dumber than a monkey in space. Continue Reading →

The Miami Media Sure Knows its NHL Hockey!

Losing to FIU is a new low for Martin Brodeur. Continue Reading →

Young New Jersey Devils Fan Flips Off a Canadien

The New Jersey logo on his chest is almost redundant. Continue Reading →

$100 Million Doesn’t Buy Ilya Kovalchuk a Good Shootout Move

He'll go back and get that puck later. Continue Reading →

Pat Robertson: Devils on the penalty kill because of God’s wrath

The New Jersey Devils were forced to kill a questionable Brian Rolston tripping penalty last night in their game against the Rangers due to God's rage over their name, televangelist ... Continue Reading →